Zinc picolinate

Over 30 percent of the population on this planet is at risk of having a zinc deficiency. Amazingly enough, zinc deficiency is actually one of the leading causes of disease in the world! Although zinc is a mineral commonly found in many foods, there are times when soil deficiencies can lead to a deficiency in the food you eat. This means that even though you are eating foods that should supply you with your daily recommended dose of zinc picolinate, which is the term for the supplemental form of zinc, you still might find yourself unable to meet your daily dosage.

Some of the other causes of zinc deficiency are diseases which affect absorption in the intestines, as well as conditions that cause zinc depletion via diarrhea or digestive issues. Pregnant mothers and children going through major growth periods are also at risk of zinc deficiency, as the body consumes rapid amounts during these times. In fact, since the fetus is dependent upon the mother’s supply of zinc, if there is a deficiency it can severely affect the growth and maturation of the growing baby. If the condition continues, it can lead to a variety of prenatal and postnatal conditions.

A zinc deficiency can lead to a variety of conditions that range from an inconvenience to being fatal. To start, you might experience a loss of hair, lesions on your skin, or a rapid depletion of muscle tissue. Almost all of the five senses are also associated with zinc, which means that you might suffer from blurred vision, difficulty hearing, lack of taste when eating, or even a slow memory.

Although zinc picolinate is necessary for growth, lacking in this essential mineral can lead to a decreased appetite. Oddly enough, many people suffering from zinc deficiencies can suffer from anorexia. In cases like these, malnutrition is often the result, which can be fatal.

All of the symptoms of zinc deficiency are unpleasant, the good news is that it can be treated by supplementation with zinc picolinate. You can easily find this supplement at a local drug store, health food store, or supermarket, but your best bet is to do a quick search online. Buying zinc picolinate online is often much cheaper than buying it locally and the quality is often the same or better.

Zinc supplementation is also beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders, as the excess exercise involved in keeping fit and building muscle can cause a body to need more zinc picolinate than normal. In fact, many of the most popular bodybuilding supplements also include a small dose of zinc. It aids in recovery, muscle growth, and regeneration. It is also important for keeping energy levels even throughout the day, as exhausting workouts can lead to fatigue.

You can often find zinc on its own in a pill or tablet form, but it is often sold with magnesium or other mineral supplements. In fact, you can find it in many varieties, so if you need to supplement with more than one mineral, then you might do good to look for an overall mineral supplement. Zinc is also included in many multivitamins, but you’ll probably need more than what is listed on that label.

If you get your blood levels checked often, then you will be able to spot a mineral deficiency easily. However, if you are feeling any of the symptoms listed above, make sure to see a doctor so that you can be sure of where the problem lies. You might have a condition that leads to a lack of zinc; it might not be your diet at all.

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