Vitamins and minerals for acne

At some point in most people’s lives acne can become a nuisance. Although it is most common during puberty there are people well out of puberty that still suffer from acne. Adults and teenagers alike may be on the search for a good acne cure.

Vitamins and minerals may play an important role in the prevention and the cure of acne. There is no doubt that the way we treat the inside of our body can play an extremely important role in the way the outside of our body reacts and appears. Proper nutrition and health cannot only make us feel better internally but can effect the way our skin deals with outside stresses as well. Sometimes acne is caused by environmental factors but other times in may have more to do with what is going on inside our bodies. Vitamins and minerals keep our organs functioning properly and since our skin is our body’s largest organ it only makes since that consuming proper nutrients will keep our skin at its healthiest state. There are also vitamins and minerals that may be administered to the outside of the skin that can also keep our skin in good condition.

There are lots of antioxidants in vitamins and they are an essential part of maintaining our overall health. Antioxidants are responsible for ridding our body of free radicals and toxins. Our skin holds onto a lot of toxins since it is responsible for eliminating sweat from our bodies. Our skin is the barrier between our other important organs and the harsh elements in air. Pollutants, bacteria, sun and weather all cause our skin to be weakened and affected negatively. In order to prevent our skin from being damaged we must provide it with all the nutrients we can to give it strength to fight off all foreign intruders.

The first vitamin that has shown great results in treating acne is vitamin A. People who are actually deficient in vitamin A have a higher rate of developing acne. This is because vitamin A is a strong antioxidant. It reduces sebum production and also encourages the production of the protective skin tissue. Taking a Vitamin B complex is also a good idea when trying to rid your face of acne. All the B vitamins have so many benefits. Each B vitamin plays a different role but when used in combination the results are often best. B1 or thiamin and vitamin B3 are known for improving circulation within the body. This is important for all organs, including the skin. B2 or Riboflavin works alongside vitamin A and when your body is deficient in B2, just like vitamin A, the side effect can be acne. Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic acid is good for stress relief. For a lot of people, stress can be an acne trigger so lowering your stress levels can improve the amount of outbreaks on the skin. Vitamin B6 improves the immune system as well as produces antibodies throughout the body. Vitamin C is also great for the immune system and helps prevent infections and has antibacterial properties. Another vitamin that is wonderful for treating the skin is vitamin E. Vitamin E is responsible for tissue repair and healing.

Both chromium and zinc offer many benefits in preventing skin infections, repairing damaged skin and preventing scarring. Often acne can cause lifelong scarring so taking many of these vitamins may not only improve your acne but it may also help prevent your acne from causing serious scars. By making sure you get plenty of these important vitamins you can start healing your skin from the inside out.


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