Treatment for bald spots

Men and women who are dealing with hair loss do not have an easy time of trying to find treatment for bald spots. Trying to find the right treatment for bald spots can depend on what has caused you to have them in the first place. A certain amount of hair fall out is normal but when it results in bald spots it is abnormal. There are different reasons for bald spots. For instance, Alopecia Areata is one condition that can cause bald spots in men or women. This is a condition where the immune system attacks your hair. Scalp ringworm is another reason for bald spots. This is a fungal infection that causes your head to itch and oze and it can result in hair loss and patchy bald spots. Treatment for ringworm can then be considered as a treatment for bald spots too. Male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common cause for hair loss in men. This condition is caused by different hormone levels. The common symptom is a bald spot on the head in-between and widens gradually over time.

Folliculitis is another condition of the scalp that can cause bald spots. It causes the hair to fall out in certain areas on the head if you do not treat it. Another condition you can develop is Cicatricial, or scarring alopecia. This causes bald spots on the head too but the bald spots associated with this condition are due to scarring. Cicatricial is a rare condition that can be serious. You should see your doctor for treatment for bald spots when you have Cicatricial. The doctor may want to do a biopsy on the spot to see if it what the cause is. There are no treatments for bald spots due to scarring. The scars prevent hair from growing back. If scarring is being caused by inflammation then anti-inflammatory medication is usually prescribed.

You can find a treatment for bald spots for most conditions. If the hair loss is because of alopecia areata then the standard treatment for bald spots is an injection of cortisone in the scalp. Certain creams can also be used that contain mioxidil.

Laser therapy is another option for treatment for bald spots caused by alopecia areata. Immune suppressing drugs are also used in some cases as a treatment for bald spots. These drugs will help stop your immune system from attacking your hair. There is one major drawback with this treatment option though. Immune suppressing drugs can also leave you vulnerable for illnesses. If your bald spots are caused by folliculitis then you can use certain topical creams or an oral antibiotic to treat them. Hair follicles are actually a part of the skin on the scalp and other parts of the body. Laser therapy is being used more and more now for treatment for bald spots. Laser treatment is fast becoming the preferred treatment since there is not need for long term drug use to get the hair to grow back in. Laser treatment for hair loss will not leave visible scarring either. Laser treatment can help to stimulate new hair growth.

Hair transplants are another new alternative for treatment for bald spots. In this treatment healthy hair follicles are transplanted from other parts of the scalp to the bald spot. Over the years hair transplants have improved to the point where the bald spot can be filled in with your own natural hair follicles and will look completely natural. With this process the hair follicle units are carefully removed from the donor site and carefully transplanted into the recipient site. With all of these treatments for bald spots you do not have to live with them anymore.

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