Thermogenic fat burners

Thermogenic fat burners, as the name may well suggest, use the creation (genesis) of heat (thermo). They are specifically designed to speed up the actual rate at which your body is able to burn fat for fuel. As we are well aware heat is a by-product when energy is produced inside the body. Therefore, you could say that the more energy the body is able to burn, the more heat will be produced.

The majority of thermogenic fat burners contain extremely similar ingredients, which are typically thermogenic herbal and fruit extracts. These include capsaicin from chillis, tea or guarana, caffeine from coffee, synephrine from citrus aurantium or fruit, forskolin and evodiamine. These various thermogenic ingredients will usually be combined in concentrated forms within thermogenic fat burning supplements. The specific supplements are most often used by people who wish to lose weight as it will help to create an energy deficit. This is achieved by basically increasing the overall energy expenditure inside the body.

The human body naturally burns energy every day and the total energy that is expended will typically come from three areas. These are the basal metabolic rate, from any exercises that you perform and also the energy used by the body when it is going through the process of digesting food. When you use a thermogenic fat burner you will actually find that this is able to increase the energy expenditure during both exercise and the basal metabolic rate. A great example of this would be a person who is able to burn 1500 calories per day will usually burn 70% of these calories from their basal metabolic rate, 20% is likely to come from exercise and the remaining 10% is typically through digestion.

The way in which a thermogenic fat burner works will allow the above person to increase their daily calorie expenditure to as much as 1800 calories. The overall amount of calories burned through each of the three stages will slightly increase. You will then find by actually increasing your calorie expenditure each day, you are more likely to create a calorie deficit and, of course, eventually lose weight. So by taking the example above, if that person were to consume 1500 calories of food each day, without using a thermogenic fat burner, their weight should stay exactly the same. However, by eating exactly the same amount of food and also using a thermogenic fat burner supplement they will produce a calorie deficit. In order for the body to deal with this calorie deficit, the body’s energy stores will need to be used and this will eventually result in you losing weight and, indeed, body fat.

It is vitally important however, that you understand that by using a thermogenic fat burner without controlling your food intake, or performing any exercise, the benefits are likely to be lost. Thermogenic fat burners are not magic pills and will require you to show a certain amount of control as well. There is no way you can expect to eat fatty foods such as Pizza, or drink carbonated drinks and alcohol, and still expect to produce the same results. A thermogenic fat burner should always be used in combination with good nutrition and an exercise program. They are merely there to help you lose weight faster.

Many people choose to use thermogenic fat burners for an energy boost or as a “pick-me-up”. Should you be feeling tired or lethargic, a thermogenic fat burner will definitely provide you with a much-needed energy boost. The actual ingredients contained within the supplements will allow your nervous system to be stimulated and thus will increase your alertness and also boost your energy. Thermogenic fat burning supplements should never be taken on an empty stomach and are typically at their most efficient when taken at least half an hour prior to your meals or exercise. The supplements should not be taken in the evening as they are known to interfere with sleep. It is also important to realise that taking thermogenic fat burning supplements should not be a long-term thing as your body may eventually become desensitised to the ingredients.

As a thermogenic fat burner will have an extremely powerful effect on your metabolism, they are not recommended to everyone. If you suffer from heart problems or high blood pressure, you should completely avoid them. It is also advisable that if you are aged under 18 or over 65 that you should also avoid taking thermogenic fat burners. Prior to taking the supplements it is essential to consult with your doctor first. There are numerous thermogenic fat burning supplements in the marketplace and the vast majority contain some very powerful herbal extracts. Some of the most popular tend to contain green tea extracts and guarana. As mentioned, they will boost your metabolism which will then be able to promote the use of fat for fuel inside the body, rather than it being stored there. Although there are many different types of thermogenic fat burner, you will find that they tend to come in capsule form as opposed to a pill. This will ensure that the ingredients can be absorbed a lot more easily by the body.

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