Testosterone supplements

Testosterone is the primary hormone for development in men, particularly during fetal development and during puberty. Although there are small levels of testosterone found in women, they are much less than found in their male counterparts. Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone and supplementation is rarely necessary, however there are some medical conditions where testosterone supplements might be useful for stimulating growth or for reducing estrogen levels. Athletes and bodybuilders will probably benefit most from supplementation, but they also have access to doctors that can help them develop a cycle and dosage plan. For the average Joe, doing the necessary research before beginning supplementation is very important. Otherwise, you might risk some nasty side effects that might not be reversible. Therefore, I recommend that you take testosterone supplements with extreme caution and only after asking your doctor about how to use them. In this article, we’ll talk about why you might need testosterone supplements, how they work, and what they can do for you.

The most common use for testosterone supplements is for bodybuilders and athletes. Since testosterone is the primary hormone used for muscle growth and repair, having more can help the body recover from workouts faster so that a person can squeeze in more workouts than normal. The problem with testosterone supplements for bodybuilders is that they generally illegal unless prescribed by a doctor. However, there are several types of testosterone boosters that work as hormone precursors and can stimulate the body to produce more testosterone. The problem with these supplements is that there are many that make false claims and the ones that work are expensive. However, for some the results in muscle mass increases are well worth the cost.

Some athletes also use testosterone supplements to help heal the body after long workouts or competitions. Testosterone is used to treat many muscle and joint injuries, especially in baseball, football, and rugby players. Any athlete involved in a contact sport can probably benefit from testosterone supplements.

Aside from bodybuilders, testosterone supplements might be useful for men that suffer from a lack of sexual desire. Since testosterone is also one of the hormones responsible for sexual desire, increasing the amount of testosterone in the body will increase a male’s sexual appetite. Be careful with these though, because there are side effects with testosterone supplements. If you do suffer from a low sexual appetite, then you might be better off using these occasionally rather than daily.

The last category of men that might need testosterone supplements are those that have naturally low levels as a result of a physical condition. In these cases, a doctor will usually prescribe testosterone injections or supplementation to increase the natural levels. The problem with any type of testosterone supplement is that when used over the long term, the body will slowly stop producing it on its own, which is why cycling is important. If you learn to properly cycle testosterone supplements and boosters, then your body will still manufacture testosterone on its own, even if it does in small amounts.

If you are interested in over the counter supplementation, then I suggest visiting your local health store to see what types of brands are available. Talk to the clerk about what they recommend, but don’t buy them locally. You’ll be able to find much cheaper prices online, especially if you buy in bulk quantities. There are a lot of fake products on the market and others that make impossible claims, so make sure that you do your research before buying a testosterone supplement. You can expect to pay between $40 and $60 per month for a good supplement.

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  1. James says:

    I have a question… I jus really need to know if I take torque (supplement pill by geared up) 3 times a week if it will mess up my testosteron levels a lot to where I can’t have kids???

    • David says:

      I found a good natural testosterone boosting supplement in the name of Methyl arimatest. Since using it I have seen an increase in testosterone levels. It also helps because I have a reasonably good diet, try to keep stress levels down as well as alcohol consumption.

      I think any testosterone boosting supplement is good when you look after your health all round. That’s when you really see the benefits of any supplement.

  2. Tyrell1 says:

    I have tried many weight loss, fat burner, muscle building pill products in the market for the past 8 years and the Dr Max Powers BURN got to be the best one out there for men. I’ve tried Hydroxycut, Dexatrim and various others you can find at a GNC. The Dr Max Powers Burn has got to be best and fastest way to lower body fat percentage and develop toned muscles.

    Of course, a good food plan and regular exercise or an active lifestyle are necessary, but when I tried this lifestyle with other products, it did not deliver the results I wanted.

    I have muscles and less than 18% body fat percentage. So yes! I highly recommend the Dr Max Powers Burn and it will work if you stay committed to your exercise and diet plans and follow its instructions.

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