TCA peels

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) peel is a skin care product used to peel the skin. They are extremely useful in helping enrich the skin, making it youthful and velvety smooth. They are also able to enhance the color of the skin by removing the lesser discolorations of the skin as well as removing fine lines. However, they do not affect the more severe wrinkles or acne scarring in any way.

TCA peels may be classified into either light or medium skin peels. They manipulate the skin into shedding the numerous sheets of damaged skin, thus uncovering a new youthful layer of completely healthy skin. As well as uncovering new skin, it also enhances cell growth, which makes skin tighter and significantly reduces wrinkles as well as fine lines around the eyes and mouth. TCA peel may also have an effect in reducing acne scars but will vary on the severity of the scars themselves.

Even though TCA peel has numerous beneficial effects on the skin such as removing lesser wrinkles and lines, it will have no improvement on deeper wrinkles. If someone is looking to extract optimum results, the best thing to do is to apply a few effective skin care products for a few days before applying the TCA peel. Consumers may also apply the TCA peel after every three months to have the best possible outcomes. The effects of the skin peel will almost disappear within the year but the effect can be extended by continuously applying products that also contain micro-peels.

Applying a TCA peel is not very difficult. Most skin peels will also include instructions. The usual method is to first clean the skin of all the oil and makeup by washing it thoroughly using a gentle soap. Pat the skin dry and then rub on an alcohol-based cleanser over the skin with the help of a cotton wad. This completely removes all the remains of impurities in the skin, while it is important that the cleanser to be allowed to dry naturally.

It is generally advised to use another clean cotton wad, in order to smear the TCA peel solution onto the skin. An even coat should be applied everywhere on the skin except for the mouth, eyes and nostrils. It is advised to leave the solution on the skin, depending on the strength of the solution. Normally, the duration is printed on the instructions. However, no peel solution should be left on longer than 10 minutes, as prolonged exposure to the solution may cause serious and mostly permanent damage. Thoroughly rinse off the solution from the skin using lukewarm water, making sure not to miss any areas.

During the approaching days, the skin will naturally peel off slowly by itself. In some cases, the duration of peeling may continue for up to a total of three weeks. TCA peels are generally safe and will not require medical assistance; provided of course that the skin that is peeling off is the dead skin and that no form of irritation or blisters appears.

When compared to other skin care products and treatment methods, TCA peels offer a medium amount of improvement at a similar price level. TCA peels are best for those who are looking to shed off the dead, unattractive layers of skin from their faces and replace it with a new, fresh and revitalized layer. It is very important to understand the peeling process as well as the time it will take to completely recover. Most people who opt for TCA peels are looking for a shallow skin cleaning only because they do not have the time to recover from a serious, deep cleaning. Usually, the individuals that go for TCA peels are satisfied with the outcome.

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