Idiopathic scoliosis

According to the National Scoliosis Foundation, everyone’s spine is curved if it is looked at from the side. However, if it’s viewed from the front, it should be straight. In certain people, the spine is deformed enough to need medical treatment. In this article, we will discuss the various forms of scoliosis, especially idiopathic scoliosis. […]

Scoliosis surgery

No matter how hard you work on your posture, you will never have a perfectly straight back. Your back is supported by your spine, a naturally curvy system of vertebrae, discs, nerves and joints. It is necessary for your spine to have some curvatures to accommodate your neck, lower back, chest and hips. When you […]

Scoliosis treatment

Good posture is a requirement of mothers everywhere. As a child, you probably heard, “Sit up straight” coming from your mother’s general direction more times than you care to count. But what your mother may have neglected to tell you is that it is actually impossible to sit up perfectly straight because our spines are […]

Scoliosis symptoms

Teenagers (and even adults) who have a bad habit of hunching over all the time are actually pretty lucky. To correct their posture, they merely have to straighten up. Even those people for whom hunching over has become second nature, they can lose the habit with a bit of dedicated effort. They are infinitely better […]