Iron deficiency

Ferrous gluconate

Ferrous gluconate is an iron supplement used to treat iron deficiency anemia or prevent low levels of iron in the blood. The latter reason is often a result of pregnancy. Iron is a critical component in delivering oxygen to various bodily tissues, muscles, and organs. Ferrous (iron) gluconate is the product of iron salt from […]

Good food sources of iron

Iron is an important mineral used by the body to produce red blood cells or more specifically, the protein in red blood cells. Iron in the body helps the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body and is vital for the proper functioning of the muscles, tissues and other systems throughout the body. An iron […]

Ferrous sulfate

Ferrous sulfate is prescribed to treat an iron deficiency. Ferrous sulfate provides the body with a sufficient amount of iron to follow through with the process of creating red blood cells. Ferrous sulfate is often used to treat and prevent anemia which results from an iron deficiency. If anemia occurs as a result of an […]

Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia. It affects as many as 20% of all women, 3% of all men, and up to 50% of all pregnant women. Infants, children and adolescents are at high risk of developing this disorder due to their high rate of growth. Iron deficiency anemia is a […]

Anemia treatment

The human body may look simple from the outside, but on the inside—underneath all those clothes, that makeup, and that skin, lies a complex network of veins and arteries; these vessels are delicate and intricate, and they are responsible for keeping all of your organs functioning and keeping you alive. The Importance of Your Blood […]

Iron supplements

Iron is one of the most talked about and controversial supplements, largely in part to the fact that too little can result in severe medical conditions while too much can cause a dangerous toxicity problem. For the most part, Iron levels in humans are easy to maintain because it is such an abundant resource. However, […]