Home remedies

Home remedies to exfoliate your face

Women everywhere are concerned about the appearance of their facial skin. Whether it is because their skin is too oily or to dry or because they have acne or they want to eliminate or reduce wrinkles, most women will spend money trying to keep their facial skin looking as fast as it can. Most of […]

Upset stomach remedies

People of all ages and all walks of life can suffer from an upset stomach now and then. If you have a chronic upset stomach or stomach pain that never seems to go away you should see your doctor for a medical evaluation. An occasional upset stomach is not a serious problem though and can […]

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy owes its origins to the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. In 1796 he discovered a completely different approach for curing the sick, and he named it homeopathy. The word is derived from the Greek language and literally means “similar suffering”. Homeopathy can best be described as a healing system which actually assists the body’s natural […]

Home remedies for hangovers

Were you blessed with having too much fun last night? Did that “one more drink” turn into “5 more drinks”? Or maybe those shots were adding up more quickly than you were counting? Actually, you probably weren’t even counting. Let me guess, you have a pounding headache, no tolerance for light and sound, and you […]

Yeast infection remedies

Yeast infections are often rife in both men and women however one of the most common forms is a vaginal yeast infection. This is typically caused by a fungus called Candida albicans which may be found in small amounts around the vagina. It is actually estimated that up to 75% of women will have a […]

Vinegar health benefits

Vinegar is heralded as a natural remedy for certain medical conditions, said to cure anything from aches and pains to more serious ailments. In this day and age medicine is highly dependent on technology, but many people are still highly encouraged by the use of traditional remedies. Vinegar is one of these natural remedies that […]

Sepia homeopathic remedy

Sepia is a homeopathic remedy, and another name for cuttlefish. The cuttlefish is a soft-bodied mollusk with 8 arms, similar to octopus and squid. When the fish feels threatened, it squirts a dark ink called sepia that clouds the water and is intended to camouflage itself. That dark ink is collected, allowed to dry, and […]

Food poisoning remedies

Food poisoning is a closet sickness, which never reveals itself when one sees or tastes the delicious-looking food. It comes about only a few hours or days later after the infected and unhygienic food decides to induce its sickly effects in the form of vomiting, headaches, gastric pain, diarrhea etc. People with weak immune systems […]

Bladder infection home remedies

The medical term for bladder infection is cystitis. This is an inflammation in the bladder caused by a bacterial infection. A bladder infection is also referred to as a urinary tract infection or UTI. This is a very painful infection that can lead to serious health complications if it is not treated quickly. A bladder […]

Abscessed tooth home remedy

A tooth abscess formation has a lot to do with personal oral hygiene, meaning that the cleaner you keep your mouth, the less chance you have that an abscess will form. An abscess is an infection that develops between a tooth and the gum. It can be very painful and a huge annoyance. The best […]

Migraine relief home remedy

If you have ever had a migraine headache, then you understand the havoc they can wreak on your day or, for an unlucky group, your week. Migraines are extremely painful and often debilitating headaches that are caused by either changes in the sufferer’s brain or genetics. They are often preceded by an odd sensation or […]

Indigestion remedies

Indigestion is a very common problem in the world today. The medical terminology for indigestion is dyspepsia. What makes this problem occur is when too much stomach acid starts churning around in the stomach and then splashes or moves up into the esophagus. This causes pain, bloating, burning, a feeling of fullness, and a sour […]

Nasal congestion remedies

Nasal congestion is an annoying problem that happens when your nasal cavities become clogged with mucus and your blood vessels become swollen and block your nose from being able to breathe. Most of the time it is an annoying problem to have but it can range into a more serious condition. Newborns especially breathe solely […]

Arnica homeopathic remedy

The term homeopathy has been around since the late seventeen hundreds, and it relies on a heavy mixture of items that can help to reduce a person’s symptoms. Of these various items, the arnica homeopathic remedy is one that is well known for treating muscle problems, sprains, and even bruising. There are several different ways […]

Earache home remedy

One of the most troubling problems that can cause issues for both children and adults is an earache. This painful experience can often be attributed to a number of various causes, and if you want to find a successful earache home remedy to treat them, you will want to make sure that you understand what […]


Almost everyone has experienced having the flu at some point in their lives. Unfortunately some of us have experienced more cases of the flu and the common cold than we like to admit. Have you ever wondered what causes some of us to be more susceptible to the viruses that make us so ill while […]

Post nasal drip remedies

Post nasal drip is a condition that affects a lot of people. For those who do suffer, it might feel more like they have a waterfall or steady steam instead of just a drip! Most of us don’t even know where all of this fluid comes from, but when you take a look at the […]

Stomach flu remedies

Gastroenteritis, aka stomach flu, is a viral infection of the small intestine and stomach that causes headaches, vomiting, nausea and often diarrhea. Sad to say it is easily transmitted but can be contained and properly treated. The good thing about this situation is that you can treat the stomach virus within the confines of your […]

Home remedies for eczema

If you are dealing with eczema or dermatitis then you know just how frustrating it can be to find a cure for the condition. Having eczema is a serious condition for those that are suffering through it, especially for those that have a severe case. People with eczema experience symptoms consisting of red, scaly patches […]

Toothache home remedies

A toothache can be a very painful condition. A toothache happens when a tooth has decayed. In most cases, a dental visit can take care of the situation but it may take some time to get an appointment to see a dental professional. Additionally, a toothache often happens at times when we cannot get into […]