Healthy drinks

Detox drinks

The use of detox drinks can provide many health benefits if done properly. They are a very effective way for you to detoxify yourself and can come in handy for a number of diets. Detox drinks are very beneficial when looking for a temporary alternative to food which can help flush out any unwanted materials […]

Eucommia tea

Tea has been used for many centuries for medicinal purposes. Ancient Chinese medicine is one alternative use for tea. Tea is used for all kinds of ailments. Some teas can even prevent or treat various kinds of cancer. There is tree in China called the Eucommia ulmoides tree. This tree is also known as the […]

Ginger tea benefits

Ginger is a natural spice with a very identifiable, delicious taste that has been and is used in many parts of the world for its medicinal and culinary properties. Centuries ago, the uses started as an anecdote to relieve upset stomachs. Today, there are more benefits than that for which we use ginger tea. The […]

Dangers of energy drinks

Have you ever been in a rut where you really needed a caffeine fix and maybe coffee and mountain dew wasn’t quite cutting it? Next on your list: an energy drink. As the name implies, these drinks are full of ingredients claiming to increase energy and alertness, but at what cost to your health? Loaded […]

Vitamin drinks

If you’re even remotely interested in nutrition, you’ve undoubtedly heard about vitamin drinks and their potential health benefits. After all the hype we hear about them, it is very tempting to grab one as an on-the-go boosting snack during the day. Healthy and refreshing, these drinks are supposed to supply us with much needed energy […]

Kombucha tea

Kombucha tea is a preparation that is made from fermenting black tea, sugar and a culture of yeasts that are known as the Kombucha mushroom. This is not a true mushroom but is called one due to its shape once it forms as a sac on top of the tea after the fermentation process has […]

Types of herbal teas and their benefits

Herbal teas, unlike other teas that are made from the tea leaf or tea plant, are made from any variety of herbs: fresh flowers, dried flowers, leaves, seeds, or roots. Another name for these herbal teas is ‘tisane’ or ‘infusions’. This tea is made by pouring boiling water over the herb of choice and then […]

Green tea benefits

Green tea is known to offer remarkable health benefits to people who consume it on a regular basis. It has its origins in China although it is now manufactured in several parts of the world. Ready-to-consume green tea is produced from Camellia sinensis, a tea plant. A special technique involving very minimal oxidation levels of […]

Marshmallow root tea

The Marshmallow is native plant from Europe, Western Asia and certain areas in North America. The scientific name for it is ‘Althea.’ The roots, leaves and pink flowers of the plant are used to make Marshmallow Root tea. This herb has been used for centuries for its healing properties. It is well known for its […]

Red wine benefits

If you thought that red wine only tasted good, here is something to feed your mind – red wine can benefit your health as well. When taken moderately, red wine can have a healthy effect on your heart. Red wine has long been reflected as to provide health benefits, and a good deal of research […]

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice is a beverage that is mainly derived from the liquid in the leaves of aloe vera plants. The product is available in various specialty health food stores, herb shops, and can be purchased online. If you wish to use aloe vera juice then you have the opportunity to take advantage of it […]

Mangosteen juice benefits

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is native to Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. It is also being grown in Brazil and India now for products being sold in the western world. The fruit itself is about the size of an apple and it has a thick rind like an orange, only it is dark […]

Noni juice benefits

It is hard to believe that, in this day and age, people are still able to discover plants and wildlife on earth that have not been studied. Whether it’s a super sized squid in the Atlantic or a mysterious cactus in Africa, there are hundreds of thousands of possibly useful but under utilized plants and […]

Liquid protein diet

One of the most common health problems that people face today are weight issues. Obesity is a growing issue and this has caused a great many diet plans and programs to be brought out into the market. One approach to weight loss that many people have tried is a liquid protein diet. This diet can […]