Foot care

Athlete’s foot treatment

Athlete’s foot is a very common condition in people of all ages. The way that you treat this ailment will depend on a number of factors including the severity of the condition and the type. Most people with athlete’s foot will find home or over the counter remedies to be very effective in killing the […]

Bunion treatment

Bunions are painful bumps on the side of the foot at the joint where your big toe is. Poor fitting shoes can cause a sore to develop which can turn into a callus. The callus can then turn into a bunion which causes the surrounding tissue to become inflamed and swollen. Bunions can cause your […]

Plantar fasciitis treatment

There is almost no body part more important to your daily life than your feet. Whether you are carrying groceries, walking around the mall, chasing after your children, or standing up at work you need to have happy, healthy, comfortable feet. When you have pain in your feet your world comes crashing down. Carrying groceries […]

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

You’ve probably heard the term carpal tunnel syndrome; well, tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS) is very similar to this condition, only it takes place in the ankle. The tarsal tunnel is a narrow space that lies on the inside of the ankle near the ankle bones. Covering this tunnel is a thick ligament that protects and […]

Bunion night splints

Bunions are enlargements of joints that are located at the base or the side of the big toe. These enlargements form whenever the big toe moves out of place. As the toe continues to move toward the other toes, the lumps or bunions can become larger and more painful. Eventually, stiffness of the toe and […]

Bunion surgery

Usually bunions are treatable without the need of surgery but sometimes bunion surgery is necessary if the nonsurgical treatment methods are not effective enough. By getting bunion surgery for you bunions you can help eliminate the constant pain associated with the condition and fix various foot deformities that relate to the condition. If you have […]

Toenail fungus treatment

Fungal infections of the toenail can be rather unpleasant and painful. Since they can become serious without warning, it is important to get treatment as soon as you notice the first symptom: a yellow or white dot under the tip of the fingernail. Depending on the severity of the infection, the treatment may vary in […]

Foot fungus home remedy

Foot fungus is an issue that many people live with yet do not seem to know how to treat properly. The condition can be found in over 90% of seniors but only affects roughly 2.5% of minors. Foot fungus is more well known by the term onychomycosis or Athlete’s foot. It is basically a fungal […]

Foot orthotics

Some people may look at feet as just the way human’s get around. However, they are much more than that. Our feet are very complex in design and have many different parts which can become damaged. As we are almost always putting pressure on our feet it is important that they are not injured. An […]

Diabetic shoes

Those who suffer from diabetes may begin to develop problems with their feet. This is due a condition known as neuropathy. Neuropathy causes the feet to feel numb and tingly. Other problems with the feet can include poor circulation, deformities and foot sores or ulcers. Some of these conditions can become so bad that a […]

Diabetic foot care

Diabetes is a disease that affects a very large number of individuals all across the globe. Besides understanding all the dietary limits, related symptoms and associated serious complications that a sufferer must deal with, it is also crucial for one to understand the effect that the disease has on one’s feet. It is unfortunate, but […]

Ionic foot detox

An ionic foot detox is a treatment that is to be considered by those who wish to flush out toxins from their bodies. With the help of this treatment, one can get rid of the buildup of parasites, metal deposits, sediments and chemicals through those pores that are present in the feet. Ionic foot detox […]

Plantar warts treatment

Plantar warts are, fortunately, not a serious condition, but they can be painful and annoying. They are small growths that appear on the soles of the feet, and they are caused by the Human Papillomavirus, the same virus family that causes genital warts. Because plantar warts often develop on or near the major pressure points […]

Water foot massager

Being on your feet constantly can cause you a lot of stress and pain, and one way to relieve these problems is by using a water foot massager on a regular basis. There are many different kinds of feet massagers that use various methods of helping you to relieve your stress, but for many these […]