Fibromyalgia pain relief

An estimated 2-4 percent of the population suffers from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a sometimes controversial diagnosis based on wide spread pain, joint stiffness and fatigue. Fibromyalgia pain is also often experienced with a variety of other symptoms, including difficulty swallowing, bowel and bladder problems, numbness or tingling, and cognitive dysfunction. Fibromyalgia suffers also often suffer […]

Fibromyalgia diet

Let me start by stating that there is no one specific diet to treat fibromyalgia. In fact, there isn’t really a treatment for fibromyalgia. However, a diet exists for just about everything, including a multitude of medical conditions. Perhaps people turn to the diet when nothing else works, which may very well be the case […]

Fibromyalgia relief

Fibromyalgia is now the accepted name for a condition that used to be known as musculoskeletal pain syndrome. The name may be updated but the diagnosis still remains a controversial one as there are still those in the medical community who discount the validity of the condition. The controversy arises over the non-specific nature of […]

Fibromyalgia symptoms

Sometimes people who are experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms may not realize what the problem is. Fibromyalgia symptoms can sometimes be confused with symptoms of other diseases. Many times arthritis can be confused with this disorder. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that involves the musculoskeletal parts of the body where can feel a lot of pain in muscles, […]


Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disorder that causes muscle and joint pain as well as fatigue. Fibromyalgia Syndrome is called a syndrome as it usually presents with a set number of symptoms. These symptoms include pain in the muscles and joints all over the body, weakness and fatigue which can become incapacitating, a pain threshold that […]

Fibromyalgia treatment

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic illness that is closely related to arthritis. Fibromyalgia has been a condition that has been misunderstood for sometime and is often misdiagnosed. Fibromyalgia symptoms include fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and often many other symptoms as well. This condition can become very painful and hard to live with, which can often […]