Anxiety and depression treatment

Anxiety and depression are actually two completely different conditions. However where you find one, you will typically find the other. Recent studies have shown that up to 85% of people suffering from depression were also found to be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. In addition to this, 35% also suffered from panic disorder. Unfortunately if […]

Midlife crisis symptoms

A midlife crisis can be a fairly common occurrence and is typically explained by certain hormonal changes that your body goes through as soon as you hit your late 40s and 50s. These hormonal changes can be experienced by both men and women and, unfortunately, if you are not prepared for the challenges that you […]

Acupuncture for depression and anxiety

Everyone can suffer from depression and anxiety from time to time. Depression and anxiety are a normal part of being a human being. However, when depression and anxiety begin to hinder your ability to live your life should only want to you may want to consider acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture for depression and anxiety is a […]

Postpartum depression

Every woman in the world wants to enjoy the most beautiful moment of being a mother in her life. Definitely, it is a challenging situation in every woman’s life as well. During this time period, especially after delivering the baby, women face several problems associated with their physical and mental health. Depression which generally occurs […]

Naturopathic remedies for depression

Clinical depression is a severe mental illness that can destroy person’s life. People who suffer from depression are often in a bad mood and they also have low self-esteem and lose interest in normal activities or things they usually enjoy. In some cases, there could even be thoughts of suicide. There are many factors that […]

Seasonal affective disorder

If you are someone who commonly gets depressed during the winter months, then you might be suffering from something known as seasonal affective disorder. This type of depression (also commonly referred to as SAD) really does cause problems in all types of people at the onset of winter. This is because there are some people […]

Lexapro side effects

Lexapro is a prescription medication that doctors prescribe for many other patients who are depressed. Lexapro is tolerated well by most people. There are some common Lexapro side effects that a lot of people do experience, however. Most of the Lexapro side effects are minor, but some can be intolerable for some people. There are […]

Natural antidepressants

When you go to the doctor due to depression symptoms, the first thing most of them do is reach for their prescription pad. While there are times that a medication is the appropriate choice, it should not be the first choice of the medical profession. Medications given for depression often have side effects, some severe, […]

EMDR therapy

Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders, panic attacks and other symptoms are finding relief through a new form of short term therapy. EMDR therapy, or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, is a relatively new form of therapy which has enabled patients to finally recover from past trauma, phobias and more. It has even proven effective […]

Natural anxiety and depression treatment

Depression has become an epidemic in today’s modern world. Obviously, the fast pace of modern life and the financial pressures of recent years are taking their toll but much of our lack of resilience is due to poor diet. Our reliance on processed and refined foods has resulted in many health issues, some of which […]

Depression medications

There are several options when treating depression with medication. Many antidepressants are on the market and can be prescribed by physicians for the treatment of depression. All of the drugs are designed to relieve depression by increasing the amount of certain chemicals which are called neurotransmitters. Most of these drugs are designed to increase serotonin. […]

Bipolar disorder symptoms

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects many children and adults today. It was known in the past as manic-depression and is still called that by a lot of lay people. This disease is well known for the change in moods. People with this illness cycle from one extreme type of mood to the […]

Depression symptoms

Depression is one of the most common emotional and psychological disorders that is experienced today. There are over 17 million American that suffer depression each year. Just about everyone is affected by depression in some fashion, either through personal experience or through close encounters with a friend or a loved one with this. Unfortunately, depression […]

Depression treatment

Feeling sad or down is a natural part of life. If something bad happens such as a death, illness, divorce, financial burdens, etc, we feel the emotion of sadness. With time, most of these feelings will eventually pass as one’s life turns back around and they are able to feel other emotions again. True depression […]

Anxiety, depression and insomnia

One of the most common causes for any kind of sleeping disorder is depression, anxiety and depression. In many cases, anxiety, depression and insomnia go hand in hand and often times, people find themselves responding to multiple types of disorders at the same time. Many experts indicate that anxiety, depression and insomnia create a loop […]