Birth control

Birth control methods

For a woman, or even a couple, choosing a birth control method is a very important decision. Fortunately, today, there are many safe and effective birth control means available to us. It is important to keep in mind, when making this decision, that each woman’s needs are different. The things to consider are cost, effectiveness, […]

Vasectomy side effects

The word “vasectomy” often conjures up a broad range of reactions in men (and sometimes in women, too.) For some men, the word vasectomy is taboo and they do not want to hear it spoken within their hearing range. These men, and there is nothing wrong with this belief, feel that their manhood and their […]

Birth control patch

In recent years one of the advancements in the technology of contraceptive methods has included the development of the birth control patch to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is something that has been very beneficial for people who have difficulty remembering to take the pill on a daily basis. The patch is about one and […]

Birth control pills

A lot of young women are choosing to use birth control pills because they just can’t afford to have children right now with the way the economy is going. This is just one reason why women choose to use birth control pills. Other reasons can include a desire to help regulate monthly cycles and even […]

Vasectomy reversal surgery

Often times a male decides to get a vasectomy in order to prevent from getting a woman pregnant. He may already be a father and feel blessed with his family but decides not to have more children or maybe he feels he does not want children at all. This decision can be made by a […]