Sunscreen lotion

Do you love staying out in the sun and just basking in the sunlight? Still, are you forced to stay indoors because of fear of the negative effects as a result of such exposure? Well, you should not worry at all; use SUNSCREEN!

Over-exposure to the UV or ultraviolet rays of the sun can seriously threaten human health. Prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet radiation can cause not only sunburn, but more serious effects such as the suppression of immune system, premature aging, and even, in a lot of cases, skin cancer. Sunscreen also called sun cream or sun block is a gel, spray or more commonly, a lotion that reflects and absorbs some of the UV (ultraviolet) radiation of the sun on the part of the skin that is exposed to the sunlight and so, it effectively helps to protect the skin against sunburn and other effects.

Sunscreen is typically a pharmaceutical product that is designed in order to provide the skin with protection from the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun that is very harmful. This product contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which act as a physical blocker protecting the skin from UVA (UVR that can damage skin having long term effects such as skin aging) and UVB (UVR that causes sunburns).

Although the actual effectiveness of the sunscreen depends on the exact amount of these physical blockers present in the product, most sunscreens have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30+. Usually sunscreens of the top-most quality will have around 6% or even more titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Sunscreens are produced using 17 active ingredients, which come in two categories: the absorbers that absorb UVR by creating a chemical reaction, and the reflectors that act as the physical barriers, which block UV rays from the skin. Most sunscreens have a mix of reflectors and absorbers.

Suffice to say, sunscreen lotions are very effective and safe to use. If you wear sunscreen daily, you will not only be able to minimize the negative effects of UVA and UVB on DNA but you can also help to protect important proteins in your body such as elastin, keratin and collagen that help to keep your skin firm and smooth. Sunscreens can come in the form of daily creams and moisturizers, containing the essential zinc oxide or titanium dioxides, which are well known in helping to reverse or stop signs of ageing. Sunscreen lotions are even effective in preventing skin cancers such as the squamous cell skin cancers and its precursors, and even melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Remember that when you do not use sunscreen, you leave your skin exposed to harmful UVR with no protection, thus inviting skin damage, immune suppression, skin cancer and cataracts. So, having this knowledge that is also backed by years of scientific studies you should take the appropriate measures to protect yourself properly.

Remember to apply sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or even higher to all parts of your exposed, unprotected skin like your face, arms and neck at least 15 to 20 minutes before going outdoors during the day and it is best to keep reapplying every two hours or so while outside and exposed. Also be careful to avoid application on the skin area surrounding the eyes. Sunscreens should essentially be used every single day, including cloudy days and should be applied evenly and liberally before going outside during the day.

While staying out in the sun can be so much fun, make your time outside even more fun using the right protection and taking the right precautions! Fortunately for you, that is possible using all the options for sun protection that SUNSCREENS can provide. So get yourself a sunscreen today!

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