Subcision for acne scars

Acne scars exist to be one of the worst enemies of mankind, for there is no punishment worse than disfigured facial features. Not only does it create difficulty in the social life of a person, but can also be very painful. Subcision of acne scars is the complete removal or the betterment of acne scars which can range from pockmarks to pigmentation problems. Some of these treatments are home remedies, while others may need frequent visits to the operating table. The time required for recovery too, varies such that while some may be done in weeks, others may take months.

There are several types of acne scarring and sometimes, the acne scarring also occurs with pigmentation problems. These are called hyperpigmentation where the scarred area turns darker compared to the rest of the skin, and hypo pigmentation where the area turns lighter and exists as a raised abrasion. Because there are many different types of scarring, the doctor will be deciding the course of medication or treatment according to the nature of the pockmarks. Below are listed some of the most popular and effective methods of subcision of acne scars:

  • External ointments like tretinoin, hydroquinone, vitamin C fluids
  • Microdermabrasion and Macrodermabrasion are procedures which result in intensive exfoliation and enhanced blood circulation.
  • Many chemicals like lactic acid and salicyclic acid can be used to cure scarring.
  • Exposure to Intense Pulsed Light results in removing of hyperpigmentation, and the tightening of the elastin in the skin.
  • Using lasers of carbon dioxide, Smoothbeam and CoolTouch can improve the condition of scars by disintegrating the topmost coats of skin cells.
  • For extreme cases of acne scarring, punch grafting is utilized. The acne scar is carved out from the skin, and the puncture sealed to give smooth skin.
  • Subcision is the procedure used for the specific scar types that appear as depressions in the skin caused by the internal scar tissues drawing in the skin from inside.
  • Fillers are injected to plug depressions of abrasions. The fillers are mostly collagen, synthetic chemicals, hyaluronic acid, autologous fat, bovine fat, porcine collagen or cultured human collagen, among many others.
  • Dermabrasion is another procedure used mainly for severe scarring. A method which can irritate the skin very much, it can also result in hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. However the level of irritation and other side effects also depends on how deep the scarring exists internally, and how much skin removal had been necessary.
  • Dermaplaning is a process where the topmost layers of skin are sliced off either to improve scarring, or ensure more effective penetration of other treatments.
  • Skin Lifting is used to treat scars which stretch numerously across a wide plane. Tightening and extreme exfoliation is included to improve the condition of the skin.

However one important thing to remember is that the method of acne scarring removal used will also depend on how sensitive the skin of the patient is. Also to be kept in consideration are the patient’s habits of smoking and drinking, his or her sleep cycles, the amount of physical activity done per day by the patient, and his or her diet. These factors, especially the diet can affect the treatment hugely and thus has to be kept in consideration even after the treatment. Many foods like starch, rice and potatoes result in the worsening of acne, while leafy vegetables and blueberry can improve the condition. These are even truer for sensitive skin – a state the collagen goes through once the procedure of treatment is over. Often the doctor will also prescribe a specific health chart before the start of the treatment. This includes the patient’s diet to be followed, and rules regarding nicotine and alcohol consumption, as well as adequate sleep as per the parameters of average of 8 hours for the adult human.

Tips to be followed for the subcision of scars also include preventions. One method to make the treatment last long is to treat the problem of acne before trying to cure acne scarring. This will also simplify matters during the treatment procedure, since repeated sessions of treatment might be detrimental for the skin, especially those which consists of skin removal.

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