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In life, certain events change us forever. Extreme weight loss, extreme weight gain and the birth of a child are just a few of these life changing events. Of course, these events don’t just change our lives they also change our skin. Weight loss, weight gain and pregnancy can all leave a nasty little reminder of their occurrence in the form of stretch marks. As if that weren’t enough, even something as simple as puberty and body building can create these nasty little skin memories. Luckily, stretch mark cream can help you to reduce or eliminate the evidence of major life events that result in stretch marks. But to understand how stretch mark cream works, you must first understand what causes stretch marks.

Cause of Stretch Marks
You have a total of three layers of skin. The layers of skin that are very deep—well below your surface layers—are made up of collagen and tissue that is not quite ready to see the light of day. When you gain weight, get pregnant, increase your muscle mass or grow during puberty, you force these deep under layers to stretch. This can cause a tear in those deep layers of collagen. On the top layer of skin, this tear does not look as though it’s a torn piece of skin, instead it looks like a small welt—or a stretch mark.

Of course, you do not get stretch marks with every instance of weight gain or every workout, and that is because you may be stretching your skin but you are doing so slowly or gently enough to avoid tearing the collagen. That means you avoid the purple or pink marks that indicate collagen damage.

Stretch Mark Cream
Stretch mark cream may seem like a topical solution to you, but it actually doesn’t do much work on that top layer of skin where you see the stretch mark. Instead, stretch mark cream dives deep into your three layers of skin in order to reach the damaged collagen layer. Most stretch mark creams contain collagen and they work by replenishing and repairing the collagen in your deep skin layers. This can work on both your old stretch marks and you brand new ones and can reduce your visible signs of stretch marks within just a few weeks.

There are many other treatments available for stretch mark removal including microdermabrasion which can stimulate your body’s production of collagen and lead to repair of your stretch marks, surgical solutions that involve cutting your stretch marks out of your skin without leaving scars from the incisions, and laser surgery, which has yet to be completely and reliably effective in getting rid of stretch marks without leaving some other skin mark to contend with. Stretch mark cream is not just effective in getting rid of stretch marks but it is also much less expensive, painful, invasive and time consuming than the other methods.

Which stretch mark cream should you try?
One of the most challenging aspects of using stretch mark cream to remove stretch marks is the possibility that you may purchase the wrong cream and have little to no results. The best way to avoid this is to make sure any stretch mark cream you purchase contains a high amount of collagen. Other good and helpful ingredients include aloe, elastin, and vtamin E. In order to make sure these ingredients are in high amounts, purchase only those stretch mark creams that disclose the percentage of these ingredients and that have them listed near the top of the ingredients list. You can also research online testimonials that are not featured on the product’s website.

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