Stomach flu remedies

Gastroenteritis, aka stomach flu, is a viral infection of the small intestine and stomach that causes headaches, vomiting, nausea and often diarrhea. Sad to say it is easily transmitted but can be contained and properly treated. The good thing about this situation is that you can treat the stomach virus within the confines of your own home.

The best treatment for the stomach flu is oral rehydration. Diarrhea and vomiting are the main symptoms of the stomach flu that can cause serious complications. It is necessary to replenish the water lost within your body to avoid dehydration. Approximately 60-70% of your body is water and if not properly hydrated, can cause weight loss, headaches and dizziness. Avoid drinking any liquids with elevated amounts of sugar. Keep in mind it is water that must be consumed over any other drink. An example of what to abstain from is a carbonated drink like soda, which can contain anywhere from 40 grams of sugar to 100 grams. This is not recommended if recovery is the ultimate goal. The recovery of liquids alone is not enough since diarrhea and vomiting not only cause the loss of body fluid but also the loss of electrolytes.

So what can you consume that has electrolytes? Sodium chloride (salt) can be electrolytes. Eating salt alone in its solid form is unwise because salt absorbs moisture. In simple terms, salt absorbs water. If your body is mainly water and you eat too much salt, it’s safe to say that water is being removed from your body. As a result you will have muscle cramps because of the lack of water needed to help operate your muscles efficiently. When adding water to salt, in its liquid form, it can conduct electricity. So when trying to hydrate the body and replenishing the electrolytes lost, consuming soups would be a good source to intake. Now not just any soup can be consumed since your stomach and intestinal tract are very sensitive due to diarrhea and vomiting. Preferably soups without solid content would be easier on the stomach. A selective few household items hold these requirements to a speedy recovery. Chicken broth is a liquid with an adequate amount of salt. Even beef broth can be consumed during a case of the stomach flu.

Drinking liquids alone is not good for you. You have to eat food, too. How can you eat without upsetting the stomach? By consuming easily digestible foods. Foods high in fiber help ease tension on your stomach. A nice ripe mashed banana is an easy to digest food and low in sugar. The extra benefit to eating the banana is that it contains fiber, and fiber helps assist in proper digestion and bowel movement. A nice delicious apple is another good source of fiber but since it is solid it’s not recommended to eat. So the alternative to that would be applesauce. It flows smoothly down your digestive path with very little irritation involved. Also, it makes it easier for the body to absorb the fiber to assist the digestive process.

What good is eating right if the virus keeps resurfacing? A good way would be to keep clean. Washing is a great way to prevent the spread of the virus. When coughing, sneezing and breathing your hands have direct contact with your face. By touching other things you spread the virus and in return continue the cycle of germ spreading. So wash your hands before and after every meal and after each time you cough or sneeze into your hands.

All work and no rest makes the body very weary. You need bed rest. Your body is working hard to recover from the virus which is a large part why you feel completely worn out when you have the flu, even when you aren’t getting up and doing anything.

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