Squalene oil

Squalene oil is an unsaturated hydrocarbon which can be found in several different dietary sources. It was first found in the early 1900’s by a Japanese scientist who was researching the deep sea shark for their ability to resist most types of disease, even cancer. Squalene was found in the shark’s liver extract. While researching squalene scientists realized that when the hydrocarbon was combined with water, oxygen was produced.

Today we can find squalene oil in many of our vegetable oils. It is in olive oil in high levels. Olive oil has been touted for its ability to help reduce heart disease and other circulatory issues. Squalene is also found in several types of fish oils in addition to the deep sea shark liver extract.

Researchers have also found squalene in the human body in the form of our sebaceous secretions. It has been found in sebum, cerumen, and dermoid cysts. Some studies found squalene present in ovarian cysts and they went on to research this further. They found a large amount of squalene in the vernix caseosa that is present on the infant while it is in the uterus and up until birth. This the cheesy coating on the infant that is a protective covering for their skin. Researchers feel that squalene may play a key role in the development of the embryo. Ongoing research in this matter will tell us more in the near future.

Some research was done on the effect of squalene on cancer cells due to the findings of the deep sea shark’s ability to resist all manner of disease noted above. Researchers then found that certain chemicals that are considered to be carcinogens are rendered harmless when exposed to squalene over a period of time. Some other studies were done on people with carcinomas of the epidermis. They found that squalene served as a protective agent against these carcinomas when the skin was exposed to things such as the sun’s rays and other ultraviolet rays for extended periods of time.

Squalene oil is marketed and used as an agent that can protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. This oil which is very similar to vitamin A in its composition. It is synthesized by the liver and can be used by persons who want to keep their skin looking younger and more pliable. This oil has the ability to regenerate skin cells due to its ability to produce more oxygenation in the human body when it is exposed to fluids. There are reports that state that deficiencies in substances such as this lead to premature aging of the skin and dryness.

Squalene can also be ingested. It is used by the human body to increase the amount of oxygen that is being transported by the blood to the cells of the body. Squalene oil is also reported to be able to boost the immune system as well as be a potent antioxidant. In the form of shark liver oil, squalene is said to help the body rid itself of all types of things that can damage the body such as environmental hazards. These substances are called free radicals. They break down our cells and can cause premature aging, organ damage, disease, and even cancer. By boosting the immune system, it helps the body fight off bacterial, viral and fungal disease that can ravage the human body.

Squalene oil is considered to be perfectly safe to be either consumed or applied to the human skin. However there are some major concerns about squalene being used in some vaccinations. There have been some reports of adverse effects from vaccinations that have included squalene oil in their composition. Veterans and others have reported some serious side effects from vaccinations with this substance in them. It would be wise therefore to be forewarned and read all the information available about these vaccines and discussing this with your physician if you have concerns about this before allowing yourself to be vaccinated with these substances.

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