Skin tag removal

Skin tags are skin growths that regularly show up in adults and can be found on both healthy and unhealthy individuals. They are completely harmless but can be disturbing and will definitely affect your image if they show up in easily visible areas. Skin tag removal is definitely possible and should be considered if you develop them since they are definitely unwanted.

Skin tags look similar to the color of your flesh (sometimes dark brown) and will show up as little pieces of skin growth that hang on your body. When skin tags grow to a larger size they can definitely look very weird and you will absolutely want to get them removed. The skin tags can vary in severity and some of the smaller, less noticeable tags may not need to be removed unless you are very picky. The smaller skin tags are usually very smooth but some may be a little wrinkled or abnormal.

Types of Skin Tags
There are not many different types of skin tags but they can vary in characteristics. Generally the only difference would be the size and appearance of them but they can affect different areas of your body. Basically a normal skin tag will start off as a needle sized tick that almost goes unnoticed unless observed from a close distance. In time the skin tag will grow to be larger and could be the size of a grape if given the time to grow. Once it reaches this size you will definitely want to consider getting skin tag removal.

Skin tag removal will allow you to get rid of the skin tags you currently have and it will also prevent any skin tags from growing in the same place again. Skin tags could show up anywhere on your body but are most commonly found on your neck, upper chest, eyelids, and armpits. There is also a different type of skin tags which affect the fold underneath your groin area which are called groin skin tags.

What Causes Skin Tags

There has yet to be a cause for skin tags that has been proven but there have been some opinions on the matter. Some people believe that people who wear clothes that regularly rub against the skin are at a higher risk of developing skin tags. While this has yet to be proven it certainly may be possible. Also as a result of skin tags you may have regular itching feelings or irritation and wearing clothes that regularly rub up on the tag could get annoying. This is where skin tag removal becomes optimal.

How Skin Tags Are Removed

Some people will use products such as Heal Skin Tags in order to remove the skin tags. This option would allow you to use a product that contains natural essential oils and apply it onto the tag. This is one skin tag removal option and it is said to be rather quick at removing the tag as well.

If you do not wish to use a skin tag removal product then you could go the medical route instead. Skin tag removal could be completed by various medical procedures. The most common way to do so would be cutting it off after freezing and burning the skin tag. This process is usually referred to as cryotherapy and if done professionally it will be painless as you will be given a local anesthesia prior to cutting it off.

There are some situations where the normal skin tag removal options will not work. This is most common when the skin tag shows up near the eyelid or any area that is not easy to access with scissors. If this is the case then you will need to use a skin tag removal method that will guarantee no injuries. Usually when dealing with skin tag removal near the eyelids you will need an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) to undergo the procedure.

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