Skin mole removal

Skin moles are quite troublesome. Sometimes a few of them fade away with age while others remain and turn out as permanent marks on the skin. People who are very self conscious about their looks find skin moles very irritating. Some people also feel less confident due to the appearance of the skin moles around their face and skin. Getting rid of skin roles is very tough. However, there is a wide variety of solutions and treatments available.

It is very easy to get rid of skin moles naturally but it takes time and patience. The first remedy that can be used is the juice of apple. If the juice of the apple is applied directly to the mole, the mole can actually get dimmer and then fade away. However, the results are not that quick and it takes time. A few people also apply a paste of baking soda and caser oil. However, this has to be done carefully and every day before going to sleep. Every morning the first thing to do is to wash off the mixture and eventually if this is followed regularly, a change can be seen. Onion juice has been also very effective in removing the skin moles. Another homemade remedy is garlic. Some people are wary of using garlic as it smells bad but it can be very useful in removing moles if used three to four times day a day. Another home remedy that is recommended is using dandelion roots. First of all, the root of a dandelion plant is cut and separated. Then this root is rubbed directly on to the mole until the juice comes out of it to treat the mole completely. This method has to be tried once every day to see visible results. People also dab honey with cotton balls in their moles to get rid of them.

Non-prescribed drugs can also be effective in getting rid of moles. However, most of these medications are very cheap and cause various side-effects like allergic actions. The medications are expensive. Also, sometimes, the medications that sellers recommend are not worth trying and don’t show any desired results. The best treatments available are herbal medications like Derma Tend and Bio-T. Both of these use herbs and mineral salts to get rid of moles. They are safer than other medications as they do not have chemicals but still these medications should be used carefully.

Cosmetic surgery is also available for getting rid of moles. When a mole is not cancerous but it is removed by surgery, then it is called cosmetic surgery. There are many options available. Some of these surgeries can be very painful and in some cases they also left scars at the skin. In the past during surgery moles were cut off but this is not done now as it very painful. The most popular cosmetic surgery is laser surgery which reduces the moles with laser beams. The skin usually heals one to two weeks after the surgery. However, cosmetic surgeries can be very expensive and health insurances usually don’t cover the cost of these surgeries. This means consumers have to pay it out of their pocket.

Getting rid of moles is definitely a lengthy process. Therefore, it is very tough to find which alternatives work the best. However, it is best to use various methods simultaneously to get best results for getting rid of moles. A few people use natural remedies and non prescribed medications to get rid of moles. People usually go through a variety of treatments to test which treatment suits them best. Surgery should always be used as a last option. When the mole is cancerous the only way to get rid of it is through surgery. However, as surgery is very expensive, it is recommended to use it after all the available treatments are tested.

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