Skin lightening products

Skin lightening is also known as skin whitening or skin bleaching. This is a process in which cosmetic products are used to lighten the skin. Although it seems that a lot of people are interested in darkening their skin and having a nice tan, skin lightening is becoming extremely popular as well. Skin lightening is used mainly to reduce dark areas of the skin. It is typically not used all over the body. There are many reasons a person may develop a darkened area on the skin. Sun damage, age spots, acne, old scars, bug bites, freckles, birth marks, melasma and others can result in someone wanting to lighten parts of the skin to match their natural skin tone. Once a person is able to lighten the dark areas of the skin should appear healthy and even toned.

When it comes to skin lightening one must understand that the darkened area will not lighten overnight. Lightening darkened skin can take weeks, months or even a year to accomplish the desired results. The truth is, the darker the skin tone, the longer it will take to lighten the pigmented area. For those with fair skin, skin lightening usually works quicker.

When it comes to choosing what skin lightening product to use it will depend on the area that is in need of lightening. For example, if you need to lighten only one small spot on the skin you would choose a different type of skin lightening product then you would if you need to lighten a larger area.

There are many skin lightening products that contain several different active ingredients. What product may work for one person may not be the best product from someone else. For this reason, it may take trying a few different products before you find the one that works best for your skin tone. There are over-the-counter products as well as prescription skin lighteners. If a person is just trying to lighten a few freckles then an over-the-counter product will probably do the trick, however for someone suffering from a skin disorder a prescription may be necessary.

One of the main ingredients used in skin bleaches is Hydroquinone. For some people this ingredient may cause skin irritation but for many this is a very effective skin lightening ingredient. This product is capable of producing great results however a few countries have banned the ingredient from being sold because they fear the side effects could be potentially dangerous. Hydroquinone is currently still available in the U.S., although, if this is a product that interests you, you should discuss its potential side effects with your doctor. Not all products are considered safe for women who are pregnant or nursing and Hydroquinone is best avoided during these times.

Kojic acid and alpha-arbutin are two other ingredients used to lighten the skin. These ingredients are actively used in a very popular product called Meladerm. They are also found in other products as well. These two ingredients seem to work in combination to lighten the skin with pretty good results. There are also a lot of products that use more natural and unique ingredients that have been shown to be successful as well. If you are curious about which product is best for you, talking to your doctor may be a way of getting a medical opinion on what is truly safe for your skin. There are a lot of products on the market and not all may be considered safe for your situation.

Most importantly, once you have decided on a skin lightening product to use, make sure you always use sunscreen on the treated area or you could have opposite results with dangerous side effects.

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  1. amrin says:

    i am using a cream since last 4 months and its completely homemade,and i am more than being happy scraed of the cream its showing real change in my complextion its turn very light within a week.i just want to now how it could be found wether its ok to use the cream or may be harmful in future

  2. Linda Rose says:

    It is important to differentiate between bleaching and tyrosinase inhibition – namely preventing the skin from darkening. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent – discovered when workers tanning leather discovered their hands were bleached white. Kojic acid, alpha arbutin, licorice etc. are natural inhibitors that prevent darkening from occuring. To acheive best results you must turn over the skin – exfoliate and then apply a skin lightening agent such as alpha arbutin serum. to learn more you can check out they have several options that work.

  3. Jackie M says:

    I’ve tried a handful of different products for melasma. It can be very frustrating. With every child my skin has gotten strangely darker and a little blotchy. In the past several hydroquinone products helped, but while breastfeeding I wanted something natural. I tried meladerm and that stuff made it worse! I was so optimistic. What a disappointment. For the skin all over my body Anissei 911 Feet Elbows Knees is the best natural alternative. I slather it on after showering. I put just a little on my face and it helps so much!

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