Skin cancer prevention

Skin cancer prevention is extremely important. A lot of people wait until it is too late before they start taking skin cancer prevention seriously. While so many people are lying out in the sun trying to get that dark summer tan, skin cancer is a silent killer for many others. Exposure to UV rays, whether through sunlight or tanning beds, is very dangerous. Although some sunlight is very healthy for our bodies by providing us with vitamin D, too much sun allows for our skin to be damaged significantly.

Although there is no way we can prevent all forms of skin cancer, there are several things we can do to lesson our changes of getting Melanoma. First off, avoiding the sunlight during the hottest part of the day is crucial. If you enjoy going outdoors try taking advantage of morning sun or the evening sun. By avoiding the middle of the day, you can avoid the strongest and most potentially dangerous rays of sunlight. If you must go outdoors during the day, make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen. The higher the SPF on the product the more UV rays that will be blocked from harming your skin. Also wearing hats and sunglasses can help keep your face protected from the sunlight. If stuck outdoors, try finding a shady area whenever possible. If you are going out for a full day in the sun, wear light colored and light weight fabrics to cover the skin. Whenever possible wear full length clothing when going out.

Sunburns can increase your risk of developing skin cancer greatly. Avoid allowing your skin to burn. If you have children, make sure they are protected from the sun when they are outdoors. Children’s skin is more sensitive and can burn quicker. The problem with sunburns is that by the time we see the skin turning pink, the burn is already bad enough to cause pain and increase the risk of skin cancer. Protecting our children’s skin while they are young can greatly reduce their chances of developing skin cancer in their future.

If a dark tan is something that is desired, try using self tanning lotions or spray tanners. These offer safer methods of accomplishing a nice tan. Stay away from tanning beds since they are just as bad as being in the sun all day. Tanning beds have stronger UV rays than the sun, so the damage to the skin is possibly worse than being in the sun. It only takes a few short minutes in a tanning bed to accomplish the tan it takes to get in the sun for hours. By using a tanning bed you are increasing your risks for skin cancer greatly.

It is always a good idea to do self skin exams every few weeks. By knowing your skin well, you will be able to detect skin cancer at its beginning signs. Catching skin cancer in the earliest stages is crucial in preventing the disease from progressing into a possibly deadly situation. Melanoma can be spotted as an unusual looking mark on the skin. It can form inside a pre-existing mole or freckle, or it can show up as a suspicious new spot. Melanoma is known for having a blue, black, white, pink or tan color. It is often misshaped and odd looking.

If you have an area on your skin that looks like it may be skin cancer then make sure to see your doctor immediately. Skin cancer can be cured if caught before the cancer has spread to the underlying skin tissue or into the blood.

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  1. A Hurrell says:

    Letting a very young child get sunburnt is a huge risk factor for developing skin cancer later in life. Babies under six months should not have some chemical based sunscreen applied to their skin. The best alternative is to keep them well away from direct sunlight, that includes when they are in the car (UV can penetrate glass). Make sure children over six months of age are well covered up if in strong sunlight. Try some of the many UV protective swim suits that are great for preventing sun damage whilst not spoiling their fun!

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