Schizandra berry

Schizandra berry is often used in Chinese medicine to treat conditions such as a variety of allergic reactions, insomnia, and hepatitis. Schizandra is a climbing vine that has tiny red berries and is often referred to in Chinese medicine as a potent herb that is adaptogenic. Its botanical name is Schizandra chinensis and it is recognized in plenty of commonly used names such as Fruit of Five Flavors, Magnolia Vine, O Mi Cha, Japanese Gomishi, Wu Wei, and Korean Omicha.

In the ancient days of China, the schizanda berry has been incredibly respected and valued for its capability to preserve the youthful look of those who use it. Schizandra berry has been widely known as a sexual tonic especially to women in the dynasties of China, who had a high regard for the schizandra berry due to its ability to preserve one’s youthful appearance and because it is capable of sensitizing and moisturizing the female genitalia, making it apparent as a means of increasing the sexual drive and stamina of a woman.

As an adaptogenic herb, the schizandra berry acts as a catalyst to increase the rate of chemical responses in the mental and physical act of the body. It also controls and stabilizes all of the body systems and supplies the body with enough resistance to manage the tense upset at the cellular level. It returns the balance of the body systems to attain a certain state of equilibrium for an improved health condition. Adaptogens are also entirely non-toxic and there have been no known reported claims of any potential risks or harmful side effects that could lead to a dangerous situation for the person who is using schizandra berry, no matter how much has been used and taken in.

The schizandra berry has a number of benefits for the effective improvement of a person’s health condition. For one thing, the schizandra berry reduces the risks of a person from getting diseases for regular intake of this adaptogenic herb makes an individual develop resistance to acquiring illnesses. The schizandra berry is comprised of a high content in hepatic glycogen that aids in the increase of metabolic activity in the body.

It is also essential in the stimulation of a person’s central nervous system, lungs, gastro-intestinal tract, kidneys, and liver. It also plays a key role in strengthening one’s immune system. Certain parts of the central nervous system are being stimulated through regular intake of the schizandra berry to improve the emotional stability of a person. It is also helpful in terms of managing stress and overcoming situations that are related to stress for it increases an individual’s efficiency and hastens one’s reflexes.

This adaptogenic herb has also been known to effectively treat conditions such as vaginal discharge, excessive sweating, bad temper, and persistent coughs, primarily due to the schizandra berry’s antioxidant properties. It is believed to increase the supply of blood to the brain and other significant parts of the body such as nerves, liver, and muscles. It improves the concentration of a person and boosts one’s mental alertness. Enhanced memory is also known to be a direct result of regular usage of the schizandra berry and it also regulates the blood pressure and returns the blood sugar to its normal levels.

There have been plenty of medical research findings that prove that the schizandra berry has essential properties that help protect the liver by employing detoxification and regeneration. Recent studies have also shown that the schizandra berry has properties that can protect the body against harmful radiation effects, as well as treat mental fatigue and insomnia.

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