Salvia extract

Salvia extract is derived from an herb grown in Mexico called Salvia Divinorum. It produces a powerful hallucinogenic effect on the mind because it is a very potent psychoactive herb. It is in the mint family and has been known to be beneficial for patients who have cardiovascular disease and cancer. It has recently begun to rise in popularity for its hallucinogenic affects at such an alarming rate that the many countries, including the United States are considering banning it.

People use this herb for its hallucinogenic affects and for spiritual meditation. It has also been proven beneficial in psychotherapy as well. People who use Salvia extract report feelings of what appears to be a heightened sense of awareness. They also report feeling disassociated and a distortion of reality and feelings. Most people smoke the green leaves of this herb for its maximum effect, but you can buy it in liquid form as well. Salvia extract is the liquid form. You can purchase Salvia extract in strengths of 5x up to 60x or more. People who smoke this herb experience its affects immediately. People who take it as an extract do not need as much of the herb to experience as people who smoke it. However, it does take a little longer to manifest the desired results.

Salvia extract can taste very bitter and harsh. For this reason flavorings have been added to it. Since the potency of the Salvia leaves can vary, the potency of Salvia extract can vary also. To get the best Salvia extract you should look for the higher grade extracts of this herb that are on the market.

Salvia extract is also useful to treat acne and boils. By taking salvia extract you can clear toxins out of the skin and help reduce the inflammation that goes along with acne, pimples and blemishes. Research is also being done on the use of salvia extract to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Aids patients may also be helped by using Salvia extract. People who have diagnosed with schizophrenia are being studied to see if this powerful herb can bring about a cure for them as well. Chronic pain sufferers and people who insomnia may also benefit from using salvia extract. Chinese herbalists have been using this herb to treat women who have menstrual problems such as painful or irregular periods.

People have various methods or ways to use this herb. The most ancient method of use was by crushing the leaves and extracting the leaf juices. Then they would mix the juices with water and make a tea out of it to drink. Today, people smoke dried salvia leaves or chew them. When chewing salvia leaves, people will then hold them in their mouth so that the herb can be absorbed quickly into the blood stream. Chewing salvia leaves in this manner is said to give the longest lasting effects. Salvia Divinorum is also made into capsules by herbalists and are sold as a medicinal supplement. Advances in technology have allowed salvia extract to be mass produced by extracting the juice the salvia plant and it is now being sold as an herbal extract on the commercial market also.

The medicinal properties of using Salvia extract are many. Using salvia extract is non addictive and non habit forming. People can safely use this herb and not be worried about becoming addicted to it. Salvia extract allows the user to get in a state of self reflection and many people can retrieve child hood memories when they use it. This is all beneficial for psychotherapy usage. Promising research is also being done on the usage of this herb to treat alcohol addiction, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression and anxiety. You can purchase salvia extract from various online websites.

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