Rosacea natural treatments

Rosacea is a very common skin disorder that affects millions of people every year. It most commonly affects fair skinned people. Women are twice as likely to have this disorder as men. Rosacea causes red patches on the face. It can also cause swollen blood vessels, pimples, and pustules that can mimic acne in some ways on the face and neck. This disorder usually affects people who are between the ages of 30 to 60. It has been known to affect those who are as young as children or even the elderly at times.

Rosacea is a chronic problem and can be very hard to treat. Mainstream medicine tends to treat this disorder with antibiotics and creams to reduce the symptoms and to kill any bacteria present in the pustules present. Laser surgery can be utilized for the large swollen blood vessels that can be unsightly and problems for people. These can cause swelling of the nose as well which can be a problem in a person’s appearance.

That being said many people are looking for more natural treatments for this problem. Rosacea has been linked to things such as problems with diet. Certain foods or drinks may cause outbreaks of rosacea in some people. Some research has been done which revealed that people who have rosacea may have a decreased level of lipase which is a digestive enzyme that is responsible for the digestion of fats in the stomach and intestines. Other triggers can be overexposure to the sun and other harsh environmental factors such as extreme heat or cold.

Some things that can be done would be to experiment with diet to see if there are dietary triggers for this problem. If they are found then eliminate the foods or drinks from the diet. There is a book called The Rosacea Diet that claims that sugar in the diet is responsible for this problem. The book offers a diet that eliminates sugars in order to help take care of the problem. Pancreatic enzyme supplements can be used to help increase the lipase in the body to see if this will help stop the symptoms of rosacea. One study was done that showed that when these were utilized both the participant’s indigestion and rosacea improved markedly.

The B vitamins are another factor that can be attributed to rosacea. Decreased amounts of both riboflavin and niacin have been found in some people with rosacea. Using supplements or creams that have these supplements in them may help symptoms of this skin disorder.

Green tea may have some benefits for rosacea as well. A study was done and reported by The American Academy of Dermatology in 2005 that showed that a small group who had rosacea was treated part of their face with a cream with green tea and the other half with a placebo. The study showed that the areas treated with the green tea were much improved. The blood vessels had shrunk in size and the redness had diminished in most of the women.

Licorice is another herbal supplement that may have some benefit in the treatment of rosacea. A study showed that a number of people were treated with a topical product that included licorice. They found after eight weeks of treatment that the redness and swelling that they had were markedly improved.

Apple cider vinegar is another herbal supplement that may be of interest in the treatment of rosacea. It has been found that using apple cider vinegar will help to increase the amounts of digestive enzymes in the body. It also was shown to help balance the amount of bacteria in the intestinal tract. There can be some side effects with this supplement so it is best to consult a physician or practitioner before starting to use it.

Rosacea can be caused by many different things and can have multiple triggers. Therefore one cure or supplement may not help everyone. It may take some trial and error to find what works for each individual before a successful natural treatment can be found for this skin disorder.

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  1. Jeannette says:


    Just wanted let you know my experience with rosacea. I cured it with acupuncture and herbs. But before that I tried EVERYTHING. I happened quite suddenly last spring and I had no clue what I had. All I knew was that I was really hot on my face and it was horribly itchy.

    I spent hundreds of dollars on supplements I researched online (oils creams vitamin deficiencies, you name it) the only thing that made it better were the papaya masks I’d put on my face(preferably cold papaya mashed or blended by itself All OVer) and I’d leave it on for an hour. It was my happy place…the rest of the days were horrible and I seriously wanted to die from the pain and I couldn’t sleep without scratching.

    I even researched fasting and switched to a raw food diet. I fasted for 18 days and came out with a juice diet for a week with wheatgrass and organic fruit. That actually helped, it totally went away. But when I started eating normal again it started to come back. So then I found an awesome acupuncturist here in Vegas. Acupuncture Center of the Orient FYI. So after the first visit I immediately saw my face change color and kept my treatments while maintaining a vegetarian diet (with cooked foods).

    My acupuncturist said that I had to stay away from yang foods which include spicy, chocolate, coffee, alcohol type of stuff. And the amount of time to get rid of it would be based on how long I originally had been having symptoms and how well I stuck to my regimen. This was all due to a Yin deficiency. So I kept taking the herbs and going to my sessions, which started out a couple times a week then went down to one visit a week and then monthly maintenance. Now I just take my herbs and rarely eat Yang foods. I had rosacea severely for four months and then the symptoms started to recede throughout the next 6 months. Acupuncture must maintain constant in order to see any results but that’s the way natural healing works. I never went to a dermatologist and I refuse to take medication eventhough I was desperate.

    I hope my story helps all of you, I know the pain and how horrible it feels. Keep your hope because I got rid of mine and you can too.

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