Reishi mushroom

The Japanese call the reishi mushroom the “mushroom of immortality.” The common botanical name for this mushroom is Gandoderma Lucidum. The Chinese name for this mushroom as Lingzhi which means “herb of the spirit.” The reishi mushroom has been used in as an ancient Chinese herbal remedy for over 2,000 years. It has recently been gaining in popularity in the West world as an effective complementary therapy for many ailments.

The reishi mushroom is useful in building a strong immune system. The reishi mushroom also helps to maintain and restore balance to the body’s various systems. This mushroom is safe to use on a long-term basis and has no unfavorable side effects. It is thought to aid in longevity. In ancient China the reishi mushroom was dried and ground into powder and was used to treat cancer. Recent studies have shown that this mushroom does indeed demonstrate anticancer activity within cancer cells. It is now thought to have therapeutic potential as an alternative therapy treatment for prostate and breast cancers. The reishi mushroom can support the body’s natural immune system and increase the number of lymphocytes. These are cells that help fight cancer cells. You can also supplement with reishi mushroom if you are undergoing chemotherapy treatments. In fact, reishi mushrooms are being used to help people reduce the side effects from chemotherapy such as fatigue, hair loss, and appetite loss.

The reishi mushroom helps to improve the body’s resistance to the effects of stress and infections. Supplementing with reishi mushroom can help promote healthy liver functioning and lowers the incidences of allergies for some people. It detoxifies various internal organs and can reduce the accumulation of toxins. People who supplement with reishi mushroom also claime to experience a more normal and restful night’s sleep. Supplementing with reishi will also give you increased energy and vitality.

Patients who have high blood pressure can also benefit from supplementing with reishi mushroom. It is succesfully used alongside prescribed high blood pressure medication. Be sure you remain under a doctor’s care and supplementing with Rieshi to treat high blood pressure however. A natural drop in blood pressure is often noted after taking reishi for as little as 10 days. Individuals will experience the full benefits of taking reishi mushroom supplements in about two months. Because of this, you may need your doctor to make an adjustment in your medication. Individuals who have high cholesterol and high triglycerides can take reishi to help treat their condition. This mushroom has also been used to treat anxiety, herpes, HIV, asthma and bronchitis.

When people first start taking reishi mushroom they may experience symptoms of detoxification for the first few days. These symptoms include dry throat, mouth and nasal passages, upset stomach and perhaps diarrhea. However these symptoms are short-lived. If the symptoms do not subside in few days you should discontinue using reishi and discuss it with your medical doctor. The suggested daily basis for a healthy individual is 500mg twice a day. A person who has heart disease can take 1500mg a day. For people who want to enhance their immune system the suggested dose each is 500mg three times a day. Some people suggest taking 1500mg per day to treat bronchitis. These are only suggested dosages. You should discuss exact dosages for ailments with your medical doctor.

You can purchase reishi mushroom in supplement form or to be used in recipes. It comes in capsules, powders, teas and coffees. You can also purchase dried reishi mushrooms and use them in making soups and other foods. There is even a gourmet coffee that contains reishi mushroom on the market. There are two varieties of reishi mushrooms on the market. One variety is the black variety any other variety is red. Red reishi mushrooms are the best to use because they have higher polysaccharide content. Polysaccharides are the active ingredients in red reishi mushrooms and are what strengthens the body’s immune system. Red reishi also contains ganoderic acids which help alleviate allergy symptoms and other health ailments.

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