Reflexology massage for weight loss?

Reflexology is a very interesting practice which has several health benefits and may even be a weight loss solution but is definitely a questionable method. Reflexology for weight loss seems somewhat ridiculous when looking at just what reflexology is, but in the big picture it’s possible that it can help promote a healthy weight loss.

So what is reflexology? It’s a stress relief method that is completed by applying pressure with your thumbs and fingers on various reflex points. These reflex points are found in both your hands and feet. By using this treatment method you will be able to relieve pain naturally, cure aches, and heal other problems as well. There may also be an indirect link of the possibility that reflexology for weight loss actually works as it could possibly control your cravings for unhealthy foods. Research has continued to show that there is a link between various health benefits (including weight loss and weight gain) and reflexology.

Various cases have shown that reflexology has helped those that are both overweight and underweight, as it can work both ways. However, the amount of research on reflexology for weight loss is not enough to rely on solely, but look at the facts before making up your mind.

How Reflexology Works

The (10) energy zones throughout your body are targeted. The reflex areas in your feet connect to various major organs, glands, and body parts. While the energy zones can be treated all across your body, the feet usually show the best response.

When you apply pressure to a certain reflex area on your foot it will cause a response with the particular area of your body that it corresponds to. By applying pressure to a different area of your foot it will affect a different body part. There are many different body parts, organs, and glands that can receive therapeutic treatment by using the reflexology method on your feet.

How Reflexology Helps You Lose Weight
While reflexology massage is not a weight loss method that’s guaranteed to work, it’s worth considering. The idea behind using reflexology for weight loss is that you are targeting the digestive system and endocrine system reflexes. By doing this you will be able to get a major advantage when attempting to lose weight if you are overweight because of a hormone or chemical imbalance.

In some cases, people are unable to lose weight because of the thyroid gland in their neck but with reflexology you may be able to cure this. The reflex area on your foot is located just below your big toe’s neck. You can find the exact location to apply pressure to in order to correspond with the thyroid gland in your neck by searching for a picture of your body’s reflex area.

Does Reflexology Really Work?
There is no right answer to that question. There are cases where people have successfully lost weight (or gained, if that was the goal) in the past, but there’s not enough evidence to solely say that reflexology treatment was the main contributor. We can easily conclude that reflexology works wonders for keeping your body in healthy condition. However, whether it’s a good idea to use reflexology for weight loss or not is still debatable.

Even if reflexology can help you lose weight you wouldn’t want to just add it into your daily routine and not modify anything else. You will still have to eat healthier and exercise frequently in order to notice any serious changes in your weight and body image. If you’re considering reflexology you should take a look at your local spas or massage parlours to see if any specialize in it. If you have someone at home that is qualified to conduct the reflexology treatment then you’re definitely in luck.

Using reflexology for weight loss is worth taking a shot even if doesn’t work as well as many have claimed, because the various health benefits are overwhelming.

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