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Our nation and developed nations around the world are ever seeking a way to lose weight but it often seems like such an elusive discovery. The weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar a year business. It encompasses just about any supplement you can think about, diets, special programs, exercise equipment and diet pills. But what if there was a pill that was actually scientifically not only proven to work, but work very well, better than any existing prescription on the market. This is some of the claims floating around when the diet pill Qnexa is being discussed.

Most doctors agree that when it comes to losing weight nothing works quite as well as a prescription designed to shed the pounds. This does not mean that they only would recommend this approach but with the strength they possess its no wonder they are medically regulated. This is why prescription medications require just that, a prescription in order to obtain them. This is to help ensure they are not abused by people because some people not really needing them may try to get a hold of them. If someone is fighting a disease such as anorexia or their current health simply does not require such a treatment it can becomes ever increasingly dangerous. But what about those who could use a medical helping hand to reduce some of the weight causing increased health risks.

There is often a misconception that people who are overweight are simply lazy or eat too much. While sometimes that claim is true, scientists and doctors are discovering altered brain chemistry in the obese that literally makes it more difficult for them to lose the weight. Their brain has a chemical imbalance causing some of their weight gain and inability to lose weight. For some this seems hard to imagine but to those we recommend looking up Cushing’s Disease as an example. This disease for example is caused by high cortisol levels in ones blood. High cortisol levels lead to weight gain period, not associated with eating more, but people with this can actually eat very little and still gain excess fat.

It is also important to understand that being overweight can bring with it a whole bunch of direct and indirect health related problems. Some examples of health related problems associated with being overweight can be type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, some kinds of cancer, sleep apnea, higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol and more. Even problems like sore or damaged joints, such as knees, ankles, and hips consequently reducing the amount of movement and exercise you can perform to try to lose some weight. Knowing these and other problems can develop gives the necessity to lose weight all the more important. It is not just about ones looks and how they feel, it’s about their physical health too.

Taking all of this into consideration and it is easy to understand why many people are holding their breath about the outcome of Qnexa. This potential new prescription diet pill which has clinical testing over several years now has shown that Qnexa works, many people have lost over 10% of their body mass and have had other weight related health issues lessen due to their taking of this medication. The company developing this drug was confident enough in it to submit it to the Food and Drug Administration for possible approval. It is expected later this year the company as well as the public to hear back about the decision.

Currently there are medications prescribed to those showing high body mass indexes (high enough to warrant diet medication) and although effective, the do not appear to be effective as Qnexa. Although the news is good on the positives on this drug, there do come with it some side effects that some may or may not experience if they where to take this. These side effects are issues such as dry mouth, tingling, headaches, constipation, insomnia, fatigue, diarrhea, altered taste and some other minor issues. There could also be other matters that would prevent an obese patient being prescribed such a treatment due to other drug interactions or health concerns.

Although Qnexa seems to be winning the battle with body mass actually lost, there are other possible medications in the future that could be accepted based on their effectiveness some of these others are Contrave, Lorcaserin, Tesofensine and Empatic. Testing so far with these substances shows that each one has to potential to be approved but may or may not depending on final reviews of them. In the end the fate of each one lies in the hands of the FDA. They want to ensure that a medication not only has beneficial issues but also that any negative side effects are acceptable for people.

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4 Responses for “Qnexa diet pills”

  1. duane morris says:

    How do I get into drug testing? I would be very interested in that.

    • Deborah Thibeau says:

      I too would be very interested. I took phen-fen years ago and it was wonderful. I became pregnant tho and had to stop taking it and after my pregnancy i could no longer get it. I also had vertical banded gastroplasty 25 years ago which was only successful for a few years. I would be sooooo willing to try Qnexa…………Pleeeeease.

  2. Tanya says:

    I have taken phen-fen years ago as well, with good results, although the weight eventually came back. The reason I’m responding to this is that I was prescribed Topamax for nerve pain a few years ago (the other nerve pain drug, Lyrica, caused weight gain, which apparently is pretty common). Well, after about a year on a similar dose – 100mg/day – I definitely lost weight! But, I had to stop taking Topamax because of a unique but very common side effect…it made me stupid! Yes, it’s true. I was the VP of a company, and my boss asked me one day what was wrong with me because I couldn’t seem to keep it together. I noticed that I was becoming forgetful and having a hard time expressing complex concepts, when I had formerly been highly articulate. When I checked with my doctor, he said that they had nicknamed Topamax “blonde in a bottle” because of this and that I shouldn’t be taking it as I was reliant primarily on my intellect for my job function. Be careful! I would love to get that weight off again, but not at the expense of my brain.

  3. kathy nieves says:

    I have been trying for years to loose this weight, I weigh 301 lbs, and I just dislike myself. If there is another research in Qnexa, I would be so interested please. Can qnexa be ordered yet? If so, please send info on it. I’m to the point of suicide. If I don’t get this weight off, that’s probably where I’m going with this. One gets tired of not looking good, not breathing right, etc, etc. I hate myself so much, please help. Miss Desperate 856-870-5249

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