Prescription weight loss drugs

Diet pills are nothing new, they have been around for decades and there are always new ones coming out that put on an advertising blitz and convince millions into buying. But are they worth purchasing? That kind of depends on who the person is and what your goals are. There are also different types of diet pills for weight loss, prescription only and ones that can be purchased at either health food stores or online at various sites. Many also make very convincing claims that may not be true, are stretched or are only accomplished in very rare cases. Prescription diet pills however are governed by the FDA and any statements or claims they make are completely backed up by years of scientific research.

If you are considering purchasing a weight loss product from a health food store or online we would recommend that they only be viewed as a supplement and as a help to your overall weight loss goals. We believe they should not be a way to and ends, in other words we don’t think that one should simply take them and assume that all of their weight loss dreams will come true. If one is trying to lose weight it is important to combine it with an over all better life style for two reasons. The first is that your weight loss achievements will come quicker than simply taking a diet pill and second, you will have started to create new habits of better eating and overall fitness that will help to ensure long lasting weight loss and health. If you are simply trying to lose weight by swallowing a pill, we are sorry but although you may lose a few pounds to begin with, unfortunately they will most assuredly return.

The types of regular weight loss pills available are plentiful, and that goes without saying. There are many advertisements and products out there. But how do they really work? Basically they work as an appetite suppressant or speeding up ones metabolism often by way of caffeine. Caffeine is often found in other products that go by the names like guarana or yerba. A recent appetite suppressant discovered is hoodia, apparently it works well for an African Bush Tribe at deadening their hunger and some have found it works well. I am sure there are others out there but we just warn you to be weary of the claims they make, don’t always assume you will experience the same results and like we have said before, use them only as a supplement if you feel you want to.

Prescription weight loss drugs can be very beneficial but they also have restrictions. First, you cannot legally obtain them without a doctor’s prescription, so you actually have to be considered clinically obese in order for a doctor to even consider issuing them to you. They also come with some possible side effects or interactions with other medications or products you may be taking. They can be powerful, very effective and are actually scientifically proven so you know they work. We however (much like your doctor most likely will) recommend that you also improve your dietary habits and amount of exercise. It is important to start healthy habits to improve your likely hood of sustained weight loss in the long run.

The FDA has only reviewed prescription based diet pills, however there is a former prescription based pill that is now available over the counter. Its name is called Alli and works differently than many of the other diet pills available. Simply put, Alli bonds to some of the fat that you ingest in your diet thus eliminating the caloric uptake of that fat. It’s like of like tricking your body into thinking it has not eaten as much fat as it has. If you decide you would like to try this product, we would recommend reading up on it and asking your pharmacist any information you may have about it. There can be some side effects associated with this product. To our knowledge this is the only FDA approved over the counter diet pills that are available.

Whatever path you decide to take with regards to any diet pills or supplements the choice is up to you. Many will say don’t waist your money, others will say certain ones really work but just remember your best bet is to change your habits from unhealthy into healthy ones if you have not already done so. This we figure will go much further than any diet pill that exists.

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