Portable nebulizer

There are times, especially during allergy season when breathing is more than just difficult and lung capacity is compromised. It is during these difficult days that you most long for a medication that will offer you relief and the ability to breathe. Often, these medications are delivered through nebulizers so that the effects can be immediately felt and can be used more easily with children. Nebulizers are machines that take your medications and turn them into an inhalable steam like material; when you deeply breathe this in through the nebulizer face mask, if gets right to your lungs and begins to open your airways immediately.

Of course, a nebulizer is not able to be carried around everywhere with allergy and asthma sufferers, so they generally use inhalers. But inhalers don’t work for everyone and that is why the portable nebulizer was created. The portable nebulizer is a small nebulizer that you can hold in your hand. It is about the size of a cell phone and works with batteries. The portable nebulizer offers that same quick medication induced relief of the regular nebulizer and does not have to be reserved for use outside of the home. Unlike a normal nebulizer, the portable nebulizer does not have a face mask but instead has a small tube that works as a mouthpiece.

Now before you start thinking that you can use a portable nebulizer when driving, attending a meeting, or while monitoring a child in a bathtub or pool it is important to note some of the usage instructions and side effects.

  • You have to put the medications in the portable nebulizer just as you would your home nebulizer, so you must make sure you are in a place that allows you to measure and not spill your medications.
  • Read the usage instructions carefully—your portable nebulizer has some specific assembly instructions that you need to use in order to actually benefit from the medications you have filled it with.
  • Make sure you are able to use the portable nebulizer in a calm, quiet place. You need to breathe slowly and deeply just as you do on your non- portable nebulizer so that the medication can take a deep purchase in your lungs. If you are in a hurry or in an awkward place or position you could compromise the portable nebulizer’s effectiveness.

Because of the special breathing instructions and the rush of medication, you may find that you are slightly dizzy after the use of your portable nebulizer. After a few minutes of calm, normal, deep breathing you should be back to normal. This is just another important reason that you must be in a safe place when using the portable nebulizer.

If you plan to travel, the portable nebulizer is a fantastically mobile device. Batteries for the portable nebulizer are usually rechargeable so there are no cords to bring along with you, which is especially helpful when you are traveling overseas. Also, because the portable nebulizer is so small, even with a carrying case it weighs no more than a few ounces.

Maintenance of your portable nebulizer is just as important as it is with your regular nebulizer. You should always rinse the mouthpiece off after you use it and you should let it dry. In order to avoid bacteria which could negatively impact your health and the effectiveness of your nebulizer, it is important to wash the mouthpiece and tube with soap daily and disinfect it twice a week. When you disinfect, be sure you do not use bleach. Instead, use the non toxic method suggested in the nebulizer instruction manual.

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