Body builders take their sport very seriously. They spend hours at the gym, often, enough to equal a full time job. They work slowly and exactingly to ensure they are exercising the right muscles the right way and they take a lot of time to understand how the body works and to learn how to apply those lessons toward a body building plan. In addition, they eat a very stringent diet high in proteins and low in sugars. They perfectly balance the right amount of simple and complex carbohydrates to create the right balance in their energy and they treat all of their meals as heavy responsibilities in decision making.

Another thing that body builders do is invest in supplements that will help to enhance their body building efforts. One of the most popular supplements currently used by body builders is phosphagen. Phosphagen is a compound in your body that stores energy. It is found within the muscle tissue of humans and animals.

The energy molecule your body often uses is called ATP. This ATP does not last very long and the amount of ATP your body can hold is limited.As the energy is released from the ATP cell it is transformed into ADP which is the actual energy substance. Phosphagen can hold creatine, an enzyme, and the creatine can combine with other enzymes in your body to create ATP which your muscles can use for energy.

Phosphagen and the phosphagen system are good for creating short term energy in your muscles and body. Because it increases your muscle energy, it is a useful tool in creating muscle bulk with exercise. Phosphagen is often used by body builders in the form of a supplement because they want to increase the amount of phosphagen (and therefore creatine stores) in their body. Because creatine on its own is a supplement that many body builders take, phosphagen is refered to as a creatine support system. It complements the creatine supplements you might be taking and helps them to be more effective.

The energy created by phosphagen is said to increase your strength during a workout, hydrate the cells that reside within your muscles and delay the normal fatigue you would experience after an intense workout. At this time, there are a few clinical trials that have taken place in Switzerland which do show metabolic energy improvement with the use of phosphagen. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether or not the clinical trials used the same form and strength of phosphagen as is available over the counter to the body building public.

Users of phosphagen often sing its praises in turning their weak, small frames into muscular powerhouses, but it is impossible to know if the success lies in their use of phosphagen or in their disciplined work out routines and eating habits. Even though these testimonials show unwavering support for phosphagen, they do caution that you should never take too much phosphagen and that you should visit your primary care physician before taking it and before developing an aggressive body building routine. If you have any pre-existing metabolic disorder or take any other medications, it is possible that the addition of phosphagen to your routine will interfere and cause problems. Seeking a consultation with a physician is vital to ensuring that you do not cause yourself harm or injury.

If you and your physician agree that phosphagen would be a good addition to your workout routine, be sure to follow the directions on the phosphagen supplement package. Taking too much—even of a good thing—can reduce its effectiveness and weaken your system.

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