Organic health supplements

Organic health supplements are food supplements or herbs that are produced organically. In order for something to be produced organically, it must be grown without using any toxins, pesticides or chemicals. The soil or ground that the crop is grown in must be free of chemicals or even the taint of chemical contamination.

Health supplements in general are vitamins, minerals, herbs and other substances that are designed to supplement our daily diet in order for us to get the recommended amount of nutritional substances that the body needs in order to work in optimum form. Most adults do not eat a healthy diet and lack certain vitamins and minerals due to this. Supplements can bridge the gap and provide a necessary function in this manner.

Organic supplements come in a wide range and variety. A person can purchase vitamins, minerals, herbs, Chinese herbs, food extracts, seeds, nuts, and combinations of the above sources. These supplements can provide anything from offering a source of vitamins and minerals to offering claims of assistance in losing weight, improving heart health, delivering anti-aging formulas even improving sexual function.

A case in point and one of the super foods that is all the rage now is the acai berry. It is a berry that hails from Brazil. It gained its claim to fame when Dr. Perricone touted its wonders on The Oprah Winfrey Show and on Rachel Ray. This berry is supposed to be ten times stronger than the common antioxidants people are eating today. It has been touted to help people lose weight, look and feel younger, have younger looking skin, help to prevent heart disease, maybe even cancer amongst other claims. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and consumers have spent millions on preparations with the acai berry in them. It will be some time before researchers can actually give us real statistics as to whether the claims are true, however the acai berry does have some excellent properties which cannot be disclaimed.

Another organic Chinese herbal supplement found on the internet claims to help repair and regenerate nerves. It is called Deer Antler Extract. The company that produces the supplement claims that it helps to produce muscle mass, increase testosterone, boost the immune system, helps to repair joint damage and bones that have been damaged, and has anti-aging benefits as well as improving your overall health. This company states that they do have clinical studies to back up their claims but have no links to these studies so the consumer has to wonder.

Another organic health supplement was called an energy booster when going over the ingredients one of the main ingredients found was bitter orange. This is a known organic ephedrine type substance. It increases the heart rate and can have side effects as such. The FDA took all weight loss products off the market that had ephedra in them previously. Now companies are substituting this instead. Consumers need to beware as this substance has many of the same side effects as ephedra did.

On a positive note there are many herbal supplements that are very beneficial to consumers. The herbal supplement market is responsible for millions of sales every year. More people every year are looking to natural sources for their dietary needs. Organic herbal supplements are a viable source in order to get any nutritional substances that our diet might lack. However, consumers do need to be aware of what they are taking when using herbs for other reasons.

Consumers also need to be aware that as herbal supplements, these substances are not controlled by the FDA and have not been tested for their efficacy or for side effects. Therefore it is up to consumers to do their research and be savvy about what they are purchasing before they take any type of supplement. If in doubt, consult with a physician or holistic practitioner before taking supplements.

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