Oral chelation therapy

The body can sometimes become overloaded with toxins and heavy metals that can eventually cause harm to us and make us feel weakened and not at our best. This is why the process of chelation therapy was invented. Chelation therapy uses a special agent that binds these toxins to eliminate them from the body and out through the urine. Chelation therapy can be performed orally or intravenously or also by means of injections. The agents used are called EDTA or DMSA. When the heavy metals and toxins come into contact with these agents they bind to them and are extracted from the body, causing the body to be free of so many harmful pollutants.

Many people claim that after using oral chelation therapy they feel better and have more energy. This process may eliminate many of the heavy metals and toxins but it may also remove some of the good minerals that our body needs. After a dose of chelation therapy it is crucial to replenish the body with all the vital trace minerals that may have been stripped out of the body. In order to prevent the agents from clinging to the good minerals in the body it is best to avoid eating around the time the chelation therapy is administered.

People who suffer from kidney problems or any form of kidney disease should avoid using chelation therapy since the kidneys are responsible for filtering out these harsh chemicals. Kidneys that are in a weakened state may not be able to handle this important task at such a rapid speed.

The strongest form of chelation therapy and the most effective is the intravenous method. This is because the binding agents are distributed directly into the blood stream. This method is also the most expensive method which is why so many people are choosing to take the oral chelation therapy method. Although the oral chelation therapy is cheaper it also is less powerful, allowing only between 5-20% of the agents to actually enter the blood stream. Even though any amount of the agent can be beneficial, this means that a higher dose may be needed to accomplish the same task as the intravenous method.

Not all medical experts seem to find the chelation therapy to be beneficial. While some believe that this can be the secret to longevity and living a healthier life, many think that by using the agents on a regular basis we may be stripping our bodies of more nutrients than we can replace naturally. Since most of us do not eat a diet rich in all the appropriate vitamins and nutrients, we can cause ourselves to become malnourished over time.

People looking to try an oral chelation therapy method can often find these agents in pill form sold through health food stores and online distributors. Before starting this form of therapy you should read the directions carefully and follow the dosage instructions closely. It is recommended that the supplement be taken on an empty stomach, preferably late at night before bed. It is also recommended that the supplement be taken along side protein and cysteine supplements as well as an essential mineral supplement.

Make sure to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day or more in order to help your kidneys filter out all the toxins. Without the proper intake of fluids your kidneys can become weakened and kidney disease may occur. Also make sure you do not take the chelation therapy more often then recommended. This is to prevent malnutrition of important minerals and to avoid any serious health risks from occurring.

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