Neprinol is a combination of digestive enzymes and antioxidants. The digestive enzymes work in conjunction with the body to digest proteins, sugars, fats and carbohydrates. The enzymes also help the blood to remove waste products and help turn excess food particles that remain undigested in the intestines into viable energy sources. In essence they take what would be otherwise considered waste products and other harmful substances into needed energy. One example would be the conversion of LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol to fatty acids or energy the body can use.

Neprinol also works in aiding the body in controlling the way that the blood coagulates in the body. It also helps dissolve protein deposits and helps to regulate the amount of fibrin that is located in the blood vessels. Fibrin is formed by the body in response to injury. It helps to build scar tissue, forms blood clots and is associated with the inflammatory pain response. The natural enzymes of the body normally regulate fibrin formation. As we get older, our bodies make less enzymes. We can also have episodes of extreme illness or injury to the body where the ability to form adequate amounts of enzymes to control the fibrin would not be possible.

Fibrin formation can cause clotting and plaque formation in the arteries. This is important for people as they get older and the risk of cardiovascular and heart disease become a real concern for them. Plaque formation and clotting can lead to arteriosclerosis and heart disease. A heart attack may not be far behind. Neprinol is able to dissolve the additional fibrin in the blood vessels which in turn will improve circulation. This can greatly reduce the chance of heart and cardiovascular disease for the person taking this supplement.

Fibrin formation is also responsible for triggering inflammatory responses and in turn causes diseases that we know of today whose names end with either fibrosis or sclerosis. Some of these include Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Uterine Fibroids, and Cystic Fibrosis. All forms of arthritis are included in these type of diseases which is caused by an inflammatory response. Some clinical trials were done on Neprinol concerning arthritis patients who were given Neprinol in lieu of anti-inflammatory drugs. The clinical studies showed that Neprinol was able to reduce the amount of inflammation in the participants. They found that Neprinol was able to speed healing, and reduce the C reactive protein levels 12 points on average in six months time.

Neprinol is being used as a dietary supplement in lieu of other medications which serve as nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory products. Holistic healers are recommending that products like Neprinol be used to actually heal the body from what is ailing it. The problem being the lack of systemic enzymes present to remove the harmful products in the blood such as fibrin. Once these products are removed, the inflammatory response should be minimal or even removed completely. Holistic healers state that the other mainstream drugs usually block the pain response on a temporary basis. This does not even combat the disease process that is underlying. It only treats the symptoms of said disease. These enzymes actually attack and treat the disease at its inception rendering it powerless to attack the body at will.

Reducing the chances of clotting and the amount of plaque that can build up on the vessels of the circulatory system can cut down the chances of future circulatory disease and heart disease. This can lead to a much healthier future for those who use these enzymes for this purpose. It seems that these enzymes have a positive effect on the aging body as it loses its own ability to care for itself. The benefits of this supplement are great if they work as well as the proponents of these supplements claim that they do.

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