Natural testosterone replacement

Both men and women can have low testosterone levels, resulting in depression, loss of sex drives, weak orgasm, infertility, changes in body hair, and brittle bones. Testosterone may naturally decrease with age, but sometimes a hormonal imbalance can lead to many symptoms that reduce the quality of life and happiness for many people. Low testosterone levels may have a role in causing diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease. They can also cause infertility and erectile dysfunction in men. Depression is apparent in genders, as well as decreased sexual satisfaction, weak orgasms and poor libido. These symptoms can also cause embarrassment such as with a change in body hair and voice. Loss of energy and constant fatigue can affect school and work attendance and performance. Low testosterone levels can happen at any age, especially after age 40 and decrease about 1% every year after that.

There are many treatment options available for men and women with low testosterone levels. There are many creams pills, patches, and injections that can be used to produce testosterone so that levels are more normal. One can choose from herbal supplements and holistic therapy for natural testosterone replacement. These options are safer for the body and work to bring the body in tune with natural products that are safe for use. Also, some creams and injections are available by prescription only, and the person with imbalanced hormones may be embarrassed to seek a doctor to help them. They may be suffering quietly and even be depressed. Some of these natural remedies can help cure depression and other symptoms too. Supplements and a healthy diet have a large impact on one’s mood and are the basis for all processes happening in the body. A body needs its nutrients to function normally. Altering a diet to encourage hormone balance may be an effective option for people struggling with the symptoms caused by low testosterone levels.

One such treatment involves herbal supplements. They balance the hormones and help the endocrine system to work properly for people with low levels of testosterone. An example is Macafem, which is grown in Peru and works to help stimulate the production of hormones like testosterone. Another supplement is called tribulus terrestris and works to bind to receptors that stimulate hormone production. Both men and women can use these supplements to increase their testosterone levels. These herbal supplements are found anywhere and can even be ordered online. Take caution when ordering a product and make sure to read if any other ingredients are also in the product for interactions and unwanted effects. It can be dangerous to alter hormone levels without doctor supervision, so seeing one is strongly advised.

Another option is choosing foods that have been proven to balance hormone levels. This includes: radishes, cabbage, turnips, beef, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, garlic, oysters, eggs and cauliflower. These are proven to raise testosterone levels in the body naturally. Testosterone is made from cholesterol, so also include plenty of foods containing fatty acids like oils, nuts, and fish. A healthy diet can have a large effect on increasing one’s overall lifestyle including mood, sex drive, and hormone balance.

Another option are creams that have a similar structure to the hormones in the body and produce no harmful effects. Although they are man-made they are natural because they are bioidentical to the hormones produced naturally in the body. Examples of creams include: Testatropinol, Test-a-Boost, and the Testosterone Cream from BioEntopric Lab.

These natural treatment options can be a good choice for people with low testosterone levels. Try one of these methods to balance hormone levels and stimulate production of testosterone.

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