Natural energy boosters

Why do you need natural energy boosters? Given how hectic the lifestyle of today’s typical American is, it doesn’t take much to have you feeling run-down. A busy week at the office, at home with the kids, or being away at school can leave little time for enough sleep and relaxation. People from all walks of life, of very different age groups and lifestyles all suffer from fatigue. Luckily there are a number of effective natural energy boosters you can turn to, to give yourself a much-needed lift.

Digestive Enzymes
These break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins so that you can benefit more quickly from the nutrients and energy these foods have to offer. As we get older, it takes longer for our food to break down and provide us with energy, and more energy is used up in the process of digestion. This is why children can eat a big meal and feel energized, but adults often want to nap it off. It takes adults a great deal of energy to digest a meal. Enzymes come from some of the raw foods we eat, but are primarily produced by our bodies in the liver and pancreas. Cooking and processing our food destroys whatever enzymes are found in it, so we rely heavily on the enzymes our body can produce. Around the age of forty, your organs are not able to produce these enzymes in the same quantity, making digestion slower and using up far more energy. This is what makes digestive supplements such great natural energy boosters. To combat your body’s lowered ability to produce digestive enzymes, take a digestive enzyme supplement before each meal, and focus on eating enough raw foods like salads.

No herb can kick start your blood flow better than cayenne. It improves circulation rapidly, increasing your blood flow and thereby improving your oxygen levels. You feel more energized and awake as a result. Cayenne is a natural booster for the metabolism. This is why many diet formulas include cayenne in their ingredients list. Cayenne is also good for the heart, improves digestion and strengthens your immune system.

Ginseng is unique in that it normalizes physical functions depending on individual needs. If you have low blood pressure for example, ginseng will work to boost it, but if you have high blood pressure, ginseng will target and lower it. It is also effective at lowering stress, improving energy, memory and immune system. Many people who take ginseng regularly report feeling a heightened stamina and overall feeling of wellness. Ginseng also stabilizes blood sugar to keep you from crashing when you’re hungry. You can take it in a variety of forms, such as in pills or beverages.

24 Hour Fasting or Detoxing
Did you know your body spends a third of its energy to facilitate digestion and elimination? Avoiding solid foods for a short period of time will allow the body to put that designated energy to other uses like fighting disease and getting rid of toxins. It is important to clean out your system every so often. If the colon isn’t clean, these toxins will be reabsorbed rather than flushed out. This is what makes people sick. A clean colon lets you properly get rid of all of these toxins, leaving you energized and clear-headed. If you do a detox or fast just for one day every month, it will reduce sugar and salt cravings. Fasting makes you crave nutrient-rich foods like vegetables.

Consider these options to improve your personal energy levels. Always remember to drink plenty of water to keep your system hydrated and able to flush out any toxic components that you don’t need. With a simple natural fix you will find you have more vigor and stamina than ever. Try these natural energy boosters for yourself and discover what you suddenly have the energy to do.


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