Muira puama extract

It is amazing how many wonderful ingredients that nature provides for us. It seems that everyday there is a new all natural ingredient found that can offer us so many health benefits. Although many of these natural remedies have been used for years by our ancestors or by people in other countries, it sometimes takes much longer for it to become known to the general public. One of these ingredients comes from a plant called Muira Puama.

Muira Puama is a plant that has been used for many years to help with increasing energy, improving overall health, and helping with impotence and lack of sexual desire. This plant seems to have many stimulating properties which not only helps the body become more aware but also acts as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire and pleasure. Used most often throughout Europe and South America, Muira Puama extract has been extremely popular in helping men cure their impotence for years. The active ingredient seems to stimulate nerves throughout the body. The sexual organs are full of nerves and therefore they are also stimulated after the product has been consumed. This helps the genitalia become more sensitive to sexual sensations.

For many years people were afraid to talk about their problems regarding sexual dysfunction. Today more and more people are willing to discuss it and seek out medical help to improve or solve their condition. This is why there is more research being done to improve these symptoms. Pharmaceutical companies have been working hard to come up with medications to remedy impotency and help men and woman have better sexual experiences. However a lot of medications contain no natural ingredients and may very well come with a broad range of side effects. Using an all natural ingredient may still result in having some side effects yet they seem to be less severe. Muira Puama extract seems to be safe overall and helpful for many. The most common side effect that has been associated with Muira Puama is an increase in blood pressure. This is most common when the extract is taken in large quantities or when taken over a long period of time.

The reason Muira Puama works is because it contains sterol ingredients. Sterol can help create hormones such as testosterone which is the hormone that aids in sexual desire. These hormones are also responsible for causing the penis to become erect. Without testosterone a man will not have sexual libido. Unfortunately in men, testosterone levels begin dropping at age 30. This can take several years before it is noticed, however by middle-age, many men find that they are having problems in the bedroom. Thankfully, the Muira Puama extract works for curing both men and women’s sexual problems. By increasing the blood flow the genitalia, both men and woman experience increased sensitivity and better achievement of orgasm.

The oils in the plant seem to be responsible for aiding as an aphrodisiac however other parts of the plant such as the roots and the bark have shown to be useful as well. When these parts of the plant are brewed into a tea the drink can also help with improving menstrual cramps and easing symptoms of PMS in women. It may also improve reproduction problems, lessen stress, help with fatigue and regulate gastrointestinal disorders. This plant has also been used to improve heart health, baldness and rheumatism in many people throughout the years. Muira Puama offers many health benefits and as an all natural aphrodisiac it can be worth trying before searching for other methods of improving your sexual health.

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