MSM cream

MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) is a natural substance that is found in various raw foods and supplies. It is an organic form of sulfur. Many people take MSM supplements for arthritis and joint pain. You can get it in capsule form, tablet form and in creams and lotions. MSM cream easily penetrates the skin all the way to the inner cells. Since MSM is naturally occurring organic sulfur which is a very important nutrient for the skin it is easy to see why someone would want to use MSM cream. The human body has concentrated amounts of sulphur in the muscles, skin and bones. Sulphur is also found in the keratin in your nails and hair as well. As people age they have less and less MSM in the body. By supplementing with it or by using the cream you can increase your levels and keeps your immune system functioning. This is why people used to soak in mineral hot springs that are rich in sulphur. Sulphur is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Now we can take MSM to supplement our sulphur needs. Important immune system functions take place within skin so it is very important to keep your skin healthy so your immune system will function up to par. MSM cream will usually have other healthy substances like collagen and fine cosmetic materials in them. Collagen is needed for connective tissue and cartilage. There are various brands of MSM cream on the market. Some of them are better than others.

You should always buy your MSM cream from a reputable vendor. Different brands may have less active ingredients in them. It is best to buy MSM cream that does not have fossil fuel additives or any heavy metals like lead in it such as you find in synthetic MSM creams on the market. Fossil fuels and heavy metals are typically found in the cheaper brands so that is one way to tell if they are synthetic. Look for pure food grade MSM on the ingredients list when you are shopping for MSM cream as this is the best and safest form to use. All natural MSM creams made from organic substances are effectively used to treat skin problems like eczema and rosacea and psoriasis. Skin specialists say that they get great results when they treat people with MSM cream for acne too. Many people who use MSM cream report that their hair and nails look better when they use the all natural organic MSM cream.

You do not need a prescription to buy MSM cream. It can be bought over the counter or online. There are various websites that sell it. You should always discuss using this cream with your physician first if you are taking any prescription medications. They cream may interfere with certain medications. If you are allergic to shell fish make sure you check the label before you use MSM cream. It should not be applied to the skin if any sensitivity is noticed after use. Children should not use MSM cream unless it has been discussed with the child’s doctor first.

There are claims that MSM cream can give relief to people who have arthritis pain, carpal tunnel pain, sciatic nerve pain as well as pain in the shoulders and knees. It is said to help relieve restless leg syndrome too. However these claims are not substantiated by scientific studies yet. MSM can also soften scar tissue and reduce muscle spasm. It also increases the blood supply in the small capillaries in the skin. MSM cream can be delivered to a painful arthritis site faster than tablet and capsule forms of MSM supplements.

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