Does mesotherapy work

Mesotherapy has been around for over half a century now and has become a popular solution for various body issues such as obesity, hair loss, acne, and cellulite. There are signs that mesotherapy is an effective solution for weight loss but you have to understand everything about how it works and the dangers of using this method before even considering it.

What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is the practice of making an injection into your layers of skin. The injection is said to be almost painless (with no need of anaesthesia) and effective for weight loss as it works to remove the excessive fat stored in your fat cells from your body.

When using the mesotherapy method to treat weight problems you are injecting deoxycholic acid into the specific areas that need to be treated. This is a combination of soy lecithin and bile salt which works to destroy the fats which have stored in the fat tissue. After the fats get destroyed they are flushed through your bloodstream. This will ultimately conclude in your body just containing healthy cells that are free of excessive stored fats.

Does Mesotherapy Work?
This method has been practiced for over half a century already but there is only a limited amount of documentation to back it up. There haven’t really been any extensive studies done to confirm or deny the claims many have made about mesotherapy as a weight loss method.

There are people that have claimed to have successful mesotherapy treatments but there are no scientific studies to back up any of these claims, so you should approach this treatment with only word of mouth confirmation on its likely results. However, quite a few plastic surgeons use the mesotherapy method on patients even though it lacks proof that it really is effective.

Side Effects
Mesotherapy is approved by the FDA so you can safely use this method without expecting any serious issues but you still have to be careful. There are some side effects that may occur from using this treatment method.

There isn’t a list of side effects which are common with mesotherapy but the most likely thing to notice would be bruising around the injection area if there’s a reaction from sensitivity. However, the main issue would be the fact that there are no standardized injection amounts for this therapy method. Ultimately, there are no major side effects (that have been discovered) to be worried about.

Cost of Mesotherapy
The cost for mesotherapy is generally around $300-500 per treatment. Each treatment counts for one particular area to be treated. You will also need to pay for the consultations which can cost around $250-300.

The cost of mesotherapy treatments will also vary depending on your geographic location. For instance, if you live in California, the cost of mesotherapy treatments would be a lot higher than if you lived in Texas. You may want to consider traveling a short distance if you can get a discounted rate and need extensive mesotherapy treatments.

First Consultation
The first consultation is a very important part of your mesotherapy treatment. The most essential part of the first consultation is collecting information about your personal and health background. Your doctor must get this information so he or she can determine if you are in the right condition to begin the mesotherapy treatment.

If you’re considering mesotherapy treatment, whether for weight loss or skin treatment, you will want to visit a professional for consultation. Book an appointment with your doctor or anyone qualified to give you the treatment and find out more about the process and if it’s the right option for you.

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