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The Master Cleanse is a detoxification program that was designed by Stanley Burroughs in 1941. Over time it has continued to grow in popularity and has found its way to the mainstream audience. Now there are many people that use the master cleanse diet as a way to lose weight, even though that wasn’t the original intention of the diet. If you wish to go on the diet, you can purchase a Master Cleanse kit, which will help with the process a lot.

While some may argue that this diet isn’t the healthiest diet to choose for weight loss, but that is beyond the point. There is sufficient evidence that shows that going on the master cleanse can lead to a major weight loss and can improve your health tremendously.

What is the Master Cleanse?
This is a detoxification program which was originally designed to help cure sicknesses and flush harmful toxins out of your body. The master cleanse diet works as a very powerful fast that will remove the toxins which cause cravings to occur, so ultimately it can solve various addictions in some cases. People have used the diet to treat their smoking, alcohol, and various other addictions. Those that are addicted to unhealthy foods could also benefit from this as well.

While you are on the diet you will have a caloric deficit so losing weight is a given. Many people have claimed to lose over 1lb per day successfully for the entire program length, which is a minimum of ten days. Those that still feel comfortable after the ten days have the option of continuing and can do so for forty-five days or more.

The weight loss may not be as large if you continue on the diet for an extended period of time, but it will still be noticeable. As well, once you end the diet you will have to go through a process of eating light (juice, soups, etc) before your body is capable of eating solid meals again. In the meantime you will adapt to healthier eating patterns and likely eliminate your previous eating habits that could have caused you to gain weight in the first place.

What Comes With the Master Cleanse Kit?
The materials that are included when you purchase a Master Cleanser kit will depend on which kit you buy as there are many available. However, there are a few items which should be included in the vast majority of Master Cleanser kits and they are:

  • Maple syrup (organic, grade B)
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Sea salt (usually Celtic brand)
  • Herbal laxative tea
  • Natural peppermint tea

The list above is of the materials included in a Master Cleanse kit with just the bare necessities. This kit would cost around $40-70 + shipping. You could save money by buying all these items locally but it may not be worth the hassle for most people. In some areas, organic grade B maple syrup is rather difficult to find, and the different types of cayenne pepper available can play a major role in how spicy the lemonade is. The items included in the Master Cleanse kit are specifically made for the diet, so it’s best not to mess with anything that works.

There are other kits available as well. You can easily find a Master Cleanse kit online that includes many other materials such as the original book “Master Cleanse”, written by Stanley Burroughs. The more expensive kits will obviously include a larger supply which is definitely good because you don’t want to run out while on the diet. Also, some of these kits include other additional products such as a lemonade drink bottle, additional instructions for the diet, various other types of tea, and other helpful tools.

If you are going to use the Master Cleanse diet plan then you will definitely want to read the book at least so you have all the information. This alone would likely make investing in a Master Cleanse kit worthwhile. It may be a few extra bucks in order to buy everything online as compared to locally but you will get everything you need to start the diet and see the results as soon as possible.


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