Maple syrup diet

The maple syrup diet, also known as the lemonade diet or the “Master Cleanse” has been gaining popularity amongst dieters a lot in the last few years. Many people have had successful results with going on the maple syrup diet and this particular diet offers a lot more than just an easy weight loss solution.

The reason why the maple syrup diet is so great is that it’s really a cleansing method. You are cleaning the toxins out of your body that can cause you to become addicted to various things such as smoking, drinking, and eating a lot of junk food. By going on the maple syrup diet, you can change your lifestyle and eating habits for the better, and lose weight at the same time!

How the Diet Works
When on the maple syrup diet you will only be drinking lemonade, herbal laxative tea, and water. The ingredients in the lemonade for this diet are: lemon juice or fresh lime, maple syrup (pure grade B), cayenne peppers, and water. You will be drinking the lemonade anywhere from 6 to 12 times per day. If you’re specifically going on the maple syrup diet to lose weight you may want to keep to a lower amount of servings of lemonade.

The herbal laxative tea is used to encourage bowel movements and is usually consumed in the evenings. This will help prevent waste from staying in your body and leading you to being extremely tired. This is essential as some people find the maple syrup diet makes them easily fatigued (but others seem to find it gives them extra energy). You will also have to do a salt water flush by drinking a mix of non-iodized sea salt and water.

The main reason for the weight loss is obviously the lowered calorie consumption but you have a calorie deficit on a diet that’s still healthily maintainable. Unlike most fad diets, you can still live your life without any possible major health problems when on the maple syrup diet. The combination of ingredients will provide you with the proper nutrients and vitamins that you need every day so you know it’s not a risky diet to attempt.

The Benefits of the Maple Syrup Diet
The benefits of going on the maple syrup diet are pretty much endless, seriously! First off, this is a detox program which can help fight various addictions and among those, bad eating habits are one of them. By going on the maple syrup diet and following the guidelines perfectly, you can easily end the diet and start living healthier. This is because once you complete the diet and begin the final stage where you return to eating food, that stage is designed to influence healthier eating patterns.

The benefits of the maple syrup diet are really endless. The diet will clean out your kidneys and digestive system, assists in eliminating waste in joints or muscles, supports a healthy blood stream, helps relieve stress, and even works as a skin care treatment. Aside from all those amazing benefits, the maple syrup diet has also been considered as a solution to any mucus disease such as flu, asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, and more.

The Downside of the Maple Syrup Diet
It may be a rather extreme diet for some as it’s definitely considered to be a fast. You won’t be consuming any foods and all you will be allowed to drink is the lemonade (according to the diet’s recipe), herbal laxative tea, and water.

In order for the diet to be successful you will have to withstand at least 10 days (up to 45, or more in certain cases) of the diet, and the first five days are usually the hardest. The cravings and hunger pangs may be very strong in this time and you may feel sick, but it varies by person. Once you get to 10 days, it should be easy, and going for a whole month probably won’t feel like a chore anymore.

This will likely be a massive diet change for many so it’s definitely not recommended for those who are severely obese. If you are looking to healthily lose a small amount of extra fat then it could definitely be an option though. The maple syrup diet wasn’t designed for weight loss specifically, but rather to cleanse the body; it’s just a nice bonus.

It shouldn’t be very hard to lose a pound a day by following this diet. While a few pounds may return right after the diet is ended (even when eating healthy), you won’t gain it all back if you follow the guide. You shouldn’t look at the maple syrup diet solely as a way to lose weight but rather to change your lifestyle completely.

If you are interested in trying the maple syrup diet then you will definitely need to read up more on it and find out everything there is to know about it. There’s too much information to list in just one article, as a matter of fact, there’s even a book on the diet – Master Cleanser, written by Stanley Burroughs, the creator of this diet! This is a must read book as it’s basically the manual to completing this diet successfully.

You can also find various online communities with an abundance of information on the diet so you can find out if it’s right for you and make sure you’re on the right track.

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