Male yeast infection treatment

It can often come as quite a surprise that men too can suffer from a yeast infection. This is a condition that is fairly common in women, and typically caused by a man. However a male yeast infection is probably far more common than you think. For a woman this condition is usually caused by the low acidity levels in the vagina and this can actually be transmitted to her lover via sexual intercourse. A yeast infection in women is most frequently caused due to the moisture levels of the vagina which can come from bathing, a wet bathing suit and literally anything that will leave the vagina moist for a long period of time.

In order to treat a male yeast infection this will typically involve a combination of anti-bacterial medication, or natural ingredients, and a change in diet. It is usually best to use a natural yeast infection treatment such as Heal Candida. This has been proven as a safe, organic and effective way to completely eliminate yeast infections in both men and women. As yeast infections are often transmitted through oral, vagina or anal sex, the condition may occasionally be passed on and received numerous times between sexual partners. Unfortunately a yeast infection can initially show no symptoms and therefore you may not even be aware that you have this condition.

The main symptoms of a male yeast infection will include a swelling at the tip of the penis, you may find urinating extremely painful and often there is a white cottage cheese type discharge. A male yeast infection can be caused by numerous different things. Often if a man is uncircumcised, certain bacteria can get into and under the foreskin and this will eventually lead to an infection. It is recommended that you should always clean your genitals straight after intercourse to avoid any potential infections. A male yeast infection can also be caused by men who regularly use antibiotics. Over a long period of time this can affect the bacteria levels in and around the genitalia area which may eventually cause a yeast infection.

Male yeast infections are often found in men who are diabetic. However it must be said that the majority of yeast infections are typically spread through sexual intercourse. Unfortunately if you have ever been diagnosed with a yeast infection, the likelihood is that this may have been caused by your partner. Some of the most common male yeast infection treatments include:

  • Cold coconut oil which can be used as a liquid or in tablet form. You will often find that you can get hold of cold coconut oil at your local health food store and this is a proven method to help kill yeast.
  • Garlic has various antibacterial and antifungal properties. Once again you have the choice of either eating a fresh clove of garlic or purchasing garlic pills thoroughly from health food store. Many people choose the latter option as the taste of fresh garlic can be fairly unpleasant. You can also apply garlic directly to the affected area.
  • Yoghurt is a great way to treat male yeast infections. You should ensure that it is plain yoghurt that you are using and once again this can be consumed as normal, or applied directly to the affected area. If you are lactose intolerant and cannot consume yoghurt, you have the option to visit your local health store and purchase acidophilus pills. The majority of yoghurts contain an ingredient known as lactobacillus acidophilus and this is known to have certain soothing and healing qualities.
  • Apple cider vinegar is often used to treat yeast infections. This can help to restore the body’s pH balance and can actually stop the growth of yeast. The most common way to use Apple cider vinegar would be to add it to your bath. This should provide a soothing feeling to the skin and can also help to keep you free of itching.

Often if you visit your doctor for a male yeast infection treatment, you will be provided with certain antibiotics or antifungal treatments. Unfortunately many of these will not get to the root cause of the condition and will therefore not cure a yeast infection. Typically antibiotics will provide instant relief however the yeast will still actually be alive and well inside your body. This is the main reason many people suffer from recurring yeast infections and it can unfortunately be a cycle that will continue to occur a regular basis. It is, therefore, often far better to use natural ingredients such as the ones mentioned above or even chamomile, black walnut or liquorice, which all contain certain antibacterial properties. These can usually be used either internally or externally with warm water.

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