Low cholesterol symptoms

We have all heard about how bad high cholesterol is for our body but most people do not think about what could happen if our cholesterol levels were actually too low. Know one really ever talks about having really low cholesterol because all the focus has been on preventing high cholesterol. Believe it or not there are people who do have a problem making enough good cholesterol which our bodies need to survive.

Before you can know if your cholesterol levels are too high or too low you have to have your levels checked by the doctor. If you are concerned about your cholesterol levels, then you should talk to your doctor about having a blood test done. A lot of people have no idea that their cholesterol levels are elevated or lower than average. Unless you are overweight or showing signs of high blood pressure you may not have your levels checked regularly. Doctors often recommend that people start getting their levels checked once they are in there mid-40’s however as part of your yearly physical exam you should start asking to have your levels reviewed starting at age 20.

Once you have your levels checked it helps to know what the results mean. There are total cholesterol levels, bad cholesterol levels and good cholesterol levels. If your total cholesterol level is above 200mg/dl then you are starting to get in the unhealthy and high cholesterol range. However if your total cholesterol levels drop below 160mg/dl then you are on your way to having low cholesterol. Around 180 mg/dl is considered healthy and normal.

Having high cholesterol raises your risk of having clogged arteries which can lead to heart attack or stroke. But what risk factors come with having a cholesterol level that is too low? Well studies have shown that cholesterol that is too low can also be linked to heart disease and strokes. Although it seems a little ironic, this validates the fact that having your cholesterol levels balanced is very important. Having really low total cholesterol levels may be linked to certain forms of cancer. Depression and anxiety may be symptoms of having lower than average levels of cholesterol as well as having a Vitamin D deficiency. Many people who have low cholesterol levels can also suffer from mental impairments such as thoughts of suicide and violent thoughts or behavior.

If you find out that you have very low cholesterol levels then your doctor may be concerned as to what is causing it. There are a few medical reasons why you may have low cholesterol. Cancer, malnutrition, and chronic infections in the body may all cause cholesterol imbalances. These are all reasons for concern and you should be evaluated further just to make sure you do not have any underlying medical conditions.

For people who have previously suffered from high cholesterol and have been taking medications to lower their cholesterol levels, this can cause cholesterol levels to drop too far. This is why it is very important to get your cholesterol levels checked regularly. Cholesterol that is too high or too low can both have significant health risks.

Unfortunately having low cholesterol levels may not show any symptoms at all. Not all people will know they have an issue with their cholesterol levels until they have a blood test done. In order to prevent any unwanted symptoms or increase your risk factors of developing a serious medical condition you should take your cholesterol levels seriously. Many people ignore the fact that they may have high or low cholesterol levels until it is too late.


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    Optimum total cholesterol is 220-222. Don’t expect Big Pharma to tell you that.


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