Liquid glucosamine

Liquid glucosamine has been in use for several years in Europe for the purpose of getting rid of joint pain as well as by sportsmen for reducing wear and tear of joints. The reasons behind this are manifold. The first and most obvious one being that liquid glucosamine is very effective and has been tried and tested by both common people as well as medical experts. Another reason why it is still used is that its side effects are almost negligible which makes it very safe. Those who have joint pain and have not been able to get relief from other products can probably give this a shot without worrying about the side effects. Most other solutions like steroids and herbal remedies have various short and long term after effects like nausea, loss of appetite and headaches which only put off users. Liquid glucosamine is also absorbed very quickly into the blood stream and hence works faster to alleviate join pain.

One of the major complaints most people have with any form of long term medication is the fact that often dozens of pills have to be consumed at various points in the day. With liquid glucosamine, a concentrated dose is taken which means users don’t have to consume pills on a regular basis, only a small daily dose does the trick. Liquid glucosamine can either be consumed directly or added to water or any other drink. Since there are many options available, taking medication does not become a hassle which is a major reason why many people discontinue medication.

The bad news is that you will probably never find liquid glucosamine at the local pharmacy or department store as it has a very short shelf life and expires fairly quickly. Liquid glucosamine expires within a year and a half and while this is acceptable for the consumer, it is not for the pharmacies as they cannot buy large stocks as the demand for it is not very high. They cannot store large quantities of liquid glucosamine in their warehouses and hence usually decide to give the medicine a miss altogether.

According to doctors and medical experts, one must consume this medication every day if one wants to get rid of joint pain. Not doing so will result in only a partial alleviation of pain and you will simply end up wasting a lot of money with very little result. It is usually suggested that twice the recommended dosage should be taken for the first seven days in order to allow the body to replenish itself. However, after the seventh day, one should not go beyond the boundaries of the prescribed dosage as this can lead to health problems. Consult your doctor for more details.

Taking this medicine is highly recommended for those who have reached a certain age as well as those who are very athletic and therefore, prone to joint problems. In addition to that, those who go for long walks on a daily basis should also consider taking liquid glucosamine as this will make their joints stronger and allow them to exercise for a longer period of time. Liquid glucosamine, like every other medicine, will not cure the person immediately or lead to miraculous results. The individual will have to wait for at least a month as the body needs time to use the new nutrients for repairing damage that has occurred over the years. As we age, our joints tend to deteriorate- no matter how active we are and while liquid glucosamine cannot completely eliminate severe problems like arthritis, it can definitely slow them down.

There are liquid supplement drinks now on the market that utilize glucosamine in the formulas so consumers now have a way to access an easier to take formulation than the standard tablets. This is great news for those who have trouble swallowing pills (and the glucosamine tablets are very large, usually). In the past, people have had to use pill splitters or crushers in order to be able to take the medication. Liquid glucosamine products eliminate the need for all that so are very convenient and easily available.


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