Liquid egg whites

Burning fat and building muscle is the main goal for every body builder. But just how much protein and nutrients does those powdered protein shakes provide? Also, how efficient are they in generating sufficient amount of components for the body? The answer is: Not as much as needed for a fitness enthusiast because they are not 100% natural. Liquid egg whites are the answer to all natural protein sources. They are 100% natural egg whites, carefully pasteurized to make sure they are salmonella free. Liquid egg whites are available over the counter and can make an incredibly delicious protein shake, a delicious glass of frappe or the fluffiest omelet possible, whatever the craving is.

Liquid egg whites are available in gallons. The beauty of this is they are 100% bio-available. Because of this, the body can fully absorb the nutrient components from the egg whites, with none of the amino acid going to waste. Liquid egg white works wonders not only for body builders, but for children and adults who eat less too. As they are a solid source for full protein, this does not generate any extra calories, and helps to build muscle, stay active and develop vital growth muscles.

Bio-availability helps the body to absorb the protein completely. Liquid egg whites have a very low amount of carbohydrate, absolutely no fat or cholesterol and it is very low in calories. Thus this is an excellent form of vital proteins for weight watchers. It is absolutely safe for children to consume. Liquid egg whites are pasteurized slowly in very low heat to make sure there’s no trace of salmonella, listeria or avadin. They have a 5 month shelf life and they can be consumed without cooking or heating up. Liquid egg whites are very convenient for a quick meal or snack as they do not require any fuss of separating the yolk and the egg whites.

Usually, consuming raw egg white holds a great risk of salmonella, which affects almost 250000 people in America each year, and around 500 of them die. Another harmful component in consuming raw egg whites is the enzyme named Avidin, which may block the intake of necessary vitamins such as B6. In order to make sure these do not affect the body, cooking the egg is necessary. Unfortunately, in order to make sure the egg is salmonella free And to neutralize the harmful enzymes, one must cook the egg in such a temperature that the nutrition value of the raw egg decreases, thus the body does not receive the protein it should from the cooked egg.

Liquid egg whites are pasteurized in such a temperature that the risk of salmonella is eliminated along with avidin and the protein stays completely intact, making sure the body completely absorbs it. This allows the egg whites to be digested without any harm. Liquid egg whites are the most authentic form of natural protein that can easily meet the daily protein intake requirement for all ages. If the body does not receive enough protein, it absorbs the protein from the muscle tissues, disrupting in growth muscle developments.

Even though bodybuilders are the greatest enthusiast of high protein meals, an average active human should consume at least 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. Powdered egg whites do not work as sufficiently as the liquid ones. Powdered ones only allow muscle growth for 2 hours, where the liquid one allows for 4 solid hours. Mixed with a little sugar and chocolate, this makes a perfect bed time drink. Ordinary protein drinks usually give up after a few hours, but since liquid egg whites are absolutely 100% bio-available, they not only work on a short term basis, but create a long term environment for muscle growth and burning fat. A glass of shake will supply 5 hours of support for anabolic muscle growth.

Customers have all given positive reviews about Liquid Egg Whites. There were customers who have been working out for years without getting any results. But as soon as they switched 2 of their meals with Liquid Egg White shakes or snacks, they saw tremendous change in their body. It resulted into dramatic and permanent weight losses, a great boost in stamina and a healthier active mind and body.

Liquid egg whites can be consumed raw, can be used to make meringues, omelets, scrambles, cake etc. The best way to have this is mixing it with low fat milk, fruits and honey and making a great smoothie.

Considering this does not have any downside, Liquid egg whites are an excellent revelation for people that are either weight conscious, trying to build their bodies or do not receive enough nutrition through everyday meals.

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