Laser liposuction

Tired of being subjected to teasing because you’re overweight? Dislike the way your nose protrudes from your face? Not to worry as there is an ultimate solution. Most of us are never happy with the way we look and always strive for what others have which we don’t have. But how can one get back the rosy cheeks and smooth skin when they were 10 years younger, you may ask? Fortunately, for you and those people who want to alter their appearance, cosmetic surgery is a blessing as this surgical procedure enriches and develops skin, fulfilling most expectations of people wanting to look younger and more beautiful. Not only does it modify a person’s appearance, but it also boosts self respect and confidence, which combined leads to the outcome of a good-looking and poised person.

Now aside from distorted facial features, the other most common complaint is looking overly fat. If your body has not been responding well to diet and exercise or even if you want an easier way out of looking obese, you could opt for liposuction. It is the most commonly used form of cosmetic surgery as liposuction is used for removing excessive weight by reducing the amount of body fat. This process is implemented by suction pads and the results manifest an improved figure outline with minuscule scarring. The suction pads work by reducing fat cells in volume and size in areas which are particularly fat and the outcomes often proves to be long-term if the current weight is maintained meticulously. However that’s not all there is to liposuction and thanks to modern technology an even better upgraded method of reducing fat cells have arrived known as laser liposuction.

How is this any different from ordinary liposuction you may ask? Well, the name reveals half of the story! Laser liposuction removes fat by laser expertise. Its techniques are implemented with the help of a laser that swiftly removes excessive amounts of fat from most parts of the body and also tightens stretched skin. The device that performs such actions is known as SmartLipo which exhibits a laser that dissolves the fat cells and also contains suction pads which eventually removes the melted fat.

Laser liposuction offers bountiful advantages which is why it has been able to win over people’s choices of traditional liposuction. Some of the advantages are stated below:

  • Less downtime: Laser liposuction allows a person to start resuming daily activities within a day after having liposuction performed as each session only lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Since a laser is used to diminish fat cells and the procedure is not invasive or persistent, it causes less pain and ache after the sessions, unlike the customary method of liposuction.
  • Laser liposuction also requires fewer anesthesias as the SmartLipo™ causes less scarring and other bruises then traditional liposuction. This allows the patient to get back on their feet quicker as there is no time needed for recovery after the session.
  • The heat produced by the laser allows greater tightening of the skin which diminishes the chances of sagging skin after the particular area has been removed from fat cells.
  • There is no form of incisions or suturing involved in the procedure and there is only a minimal amount of bleeding and scarring imposed due to the small cannulas used for the defined body contouring and skin tautening.

Laser liposuction is rather expensive; the cost ranging between- $2000-$6000. However the money is worth it as most people are happy with the outcomes induced by laser liposuction as the effects are very long-term and the skin appears to be more taut, smooth and compact. However, permanent effects still depend upon stability of diet and exercise in order to maintain the beautiful new shape.

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