Ionic foot detox

An ionic foot detox is a treatment that is to be considered by those who wish to flush out toxins from their bodies. With the help of this treatment, one can get rid of the buildup of parasites, metal deposits, sediments and chemicals through those pores that are present in the feet. Ionic foot detox has been approved by FCC as to the safety of the procedure and is carried out by professionals and experts at spas. However, those who cannot afford these wellness centers or cannot find a center near them can purchase detox devices and cleanse their bodies at home.

The ionic foot detox treatment will require the individual to put his feet in a container which will consist of water mixed with sea salt. A device made of plastic will release electric currents and will be placed in the salt bath. The current stimulates the molecules in the water for the purpose of creating such ions that are both negatively and positively charged. The pores in the feet will open up and extract these ions which will then bind with the toxins where they are built up like muscles, blood and organs. After this ‘bonding’ occurs, the ions will become neutral in nature and stream out of the pores through osmosis and basic gravitational force.

Ionic foot detox as a treatment will lead to several results throughout the process and one will notice that the water in the container will change color. It will turn brown, blue or yellow- in no particular order. The color changes because different types of toxins are released and different materials are flushed out. For example, when the water is orange in color, it means that the treatment is targeting the joints and if it turns brown, it means that the body is getting rid of carcinogenic materials.

An ionic foot detox has a number of benefits claimed including elimination of cancerous cells from the body. Others include the person feeling happier and more optimistic post treatment. Other observed benefits include heightened immune functions, increased metabolism, allergy relief, better sleep, and better stamina and reduced joint pain. Even though the benefits are many, like every treatment, an ionic foot detox has a number of side effects too. People have complained about headaches, nausea, energy loss and fatigue after going through this treatment. However, what makes the treatment so popular is that these side effects are quite mild and will disappear fairly quickly. Drinking a large glass of water will help get rid of these side effects within a few minutes.

An ionic foot detox will last for about half an hour and should be carried out for three days at a stretch for best results. According to experts, an individual will experience the above mentioned benefits and more if he sits through 13 or 14 sessions. If you get this treatment at a spa, you will have to pay about 45 dollars per session while a home kit will cost between $89 dollars and $500.

To sum it up, an ionic foot detox is a great way to flush out toxins from your body and come out feeling much fresher, energetic and full of life. Toxins are present in alarming amounts in food, water, air and even everyday devices like plastic toys which enter the body and slowly destroy it over time making it necessary to look for natural ways to keep the body healthy. Therefore, if your health is sensitive and you feel lethargic most of the day, it could mean that there is a build up of these toxins in your body and you need to do something about it.

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  1. Alicia says:

    I have been doing the ionic foot detox once a week for a few months. I was having trouble with period cramps and had a lot of clotting material. After using only 3 times, my next period was a lot lighter, no clotted material, and my cramps were a lot less intense

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