Internal hemorrhoid treatment

Internal hemorrhoids exist on the walls inside your anal canal and are a result of swollen veins. Once the veins inside start to swell, internal hemorrhoids will become existent. This is a condition that is a result of too much pressure on the area and is most commonly caused by constipation or diarrhea. Internal hemorrhoids are also common during pregnancy and definitely must be treated as they can become rather painful.

Internal Hemmorrhoid Symptoms
The symptoms as a result of having internal hemorrhoids are generally the same as they are for external hemorrhoids. You will definitely feel pain in the affected area and will regularly have discomfort when using the bathroom.

The pain from any pressure on the affected area will be a lot more severe than usual while affected by the condition. You may even notice blood or mucus show up in the stool after a bowel movement. Other signs of internal hemmorrhoids would include regular itching and irritating of the rectum area.

Internal Hemmorrhoid Diagnosis
While it may be obvious of the condition you have if the symptoms match you will still want to get diagnosed by your doctor to be sure. In order to do this your doctor must complete a rectal exam to be certain of your condition. A rectal exam requires your doctor to examine and feel the affected area with his or her finger while wearing gloves. Your doctor will be looking for any abnormalities that may suggest you have internal hemmorrhoids. It may also be possible to examine inside the anal canal by using a lighted scope if looking for internal hemmorrhoids.

Internal Hemmorrhoid Treatment Options
The possible ways to go about internal hemmorrhoid treatment will depend on the condition and how severe it is. In some cases you may be able to treat the condition by yourself but if it is inflamed or swollen then more serious treatment options may be considered.

Home treatment for less serious internal hemmorrhoids may include drinking a lot of water and creating a high fiber diet plan so you are frequently having bowel movements. If the condition was caused by being constipated then part of the internal hemmorrhoid treatment may include using a stool softener. As well, you can get a cream that contains hydrocortisone which should be applied to your rectum in order to eliminate the itching and irritating feeling caused by the internal hemmorrhoids.

If the home treatment methods are not working and your doctor simply cannot find an easy internal hemmorrhoid treatment method then it may require to be treated on surgically. In order to do this the surgical procedure (hemorrhoidectomy) would require the hemmorrhoids to be cut away surgically. Most cases of internal hemmorrhoids can be treated easily though and surgical internal hemmorrhoid treatment is very rare.

Other Treatment Techniques
There are some techniques that may not guarantee to be beneficial but they have been considered as a decent home method for internal hemmorrhoid treatment. One simple thing you could do would be to wet toilet paper and blot it on your anus after completing each bowel movement. You could use baby wipes, medicated pads (example: Tucks), or a cleansing agent (example: Balneol) as well during this procedure.

Some minor things you could avoid to prevent the internal hemmorrhoids from worsening would include: not rubbing anywhere near your anal area, not using any soap that contains perfume or dye, and not stressing during bowel movements.

The best internal hemmorrhoid treatment at home though is definitely hemmorrhoid ointments. You can easily find these at your pharmacy and a decent brand like Preperation H will definitely get the job done. At the same time you could be applying ice to the anus area and you may want to try using a warm (damp) towel on the area throughout the day as well. If none of these internal hemmorrhoid treatment methods work at home then you should definitely visit your doctor again to find out what you should do.

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