Insulin pens

People who have diabetes often need injections of insulin to keep their blood glucose levels steady. An insulin pen is one way of administering insulin in a convenient manner. The insulin pen consists of an outer “pen” casing that looks similar to a regular ink pen. This helps a person be discrete about their insulin if so desired. There are two different types of pens that can be used. Some of the pens are completely disposable. This means they come with enough insulin in the vial and a needle ready to use. Once the pen is used it is disposed of and another pen is used for the next dosing. The other type of pen comes with a standard pen casing but has disposable needles and vials of insulin that must be replaced before each use.

Using pens for injecting insulin can have many benefits. They are very easy to use and can help administer more accurate dosing of insulin. Traveling with insulin pens can be more convenient than carrying traditional syringes and vials of insulin. The use of the insulin pen itself can often go unnoticed by those around which is good for people who prefer to keep their injections private. For people that have problems with vision or fine motor skills, using a pre-dosed insulin pen can help eliminate mistakes in dosing. Insulin pens can also cause less pain during injection since the needles are not inserted and dulled by the insulin vials before entering the skin.

Insulin pens are considered easy to use because the steps in administering insulin are pretty quick. Using a pen consists of screwing or clicking on a new pen needle, priming the pen to remove excess air from the needle, turning the dial at the end of the pen to the desired amount of units required, inserting the needle into the skin, pressing the button on the end of the pen to administer the dosage, counting to five then removing the needle. It is really quick and easy.

A couple drawbacks to the insulin pens are they are not good for people who need to mix two different types of insulin in one dosage. Also, most pens come in either half or full unit doses so depending on your situation this can be a problem. Before deciding to try out insulin pens it is a good idea to check with your insurance provider to see if they cover them. Not all insurance providers will.

If you are interested in trying out insulin pens for your diabetic needs then you should discuss it with your doctor. Pens do not come with all types of insulin and not are not always easy to find. Some pharmacies carry insulin pens but you may also need to order the pens straight from the manufacturer. Make sure that when traveling you take enough supplies for your pen along with you since finding supplies for pens may be tough in other places around the world. You may find that insulin is a little more expensive for pens than in regular vials however you may also find that the needles are typically cheaper than the disposable syringes.

Before using an insulin pen, be sure to learn all there is to know about your type of pen. Although it is an easier way of administering insulin you need to be sure to follow the directions precisely to avoid any mistakes. Make sure that you discuss any concerns regarding using insulin pens with your doctor. Insulin pens can be a great option for many but may not be the perfect fit for everyone.

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